I Can not change/update my banking method for deposits


I have spent numerous hours trying to change my banking method to receive deposits.
I read ALL instructions, crossed all T’s and dotted all i’s and I recieve the following message: Unable to verify existing bank account details. Please provide the correct information.
Believe me; I have typed, retyped and typed again the Correct account numbers and still get the same message.

PROBLEM: I can not reach customer support. Their contact us buttons take me in a complete circle. I’ve tried emailing them only to receive an email back saying it’s a non-reply email address. Getting them on the phone is a thing of the past. And I can not create a NEW case log; it only lets me see my old case logs.

Can the Fourm Please help me out?? Many Thanks


Open the old case, and select need more help. If a Pro Account, select call back option.


I Never had an opened case. I would like to start a NEW case but it doesn’t give me the option to open a new case. Only to view my old cases.


Contact Seller Support