I Bought an Item, They charged me for that 1 item. But sent me two?


Will they charge me for the second one if I do not ship it back?


Sounds like “they” - whoever they are - sent you a gift.



So, why are you considering keeping it? Has the seller not told you he will pay for the return?



Are “They” a fulfilled by Merchant seller or are “They” Amazon FBA?

What is the items value?

Depending on the state you are in, there ccould be a law saying if you received something you did not order, you can keep the item.

Could the seller have given you a BOGO?

I’ve put free stuff in the box for a customer before, was it me?

If they want it back, you should make them give you a pre-paid label.


I would do the right thing and send it back. Ask them to pay for the return shipping and send it back. The error was on their part not yours so they should pay for the return.

I don’t know if keeping something you didn’t pay for is legal or not but it is morally bad. I guess it just depends. If they won’t pay for the return I would keep it. It’s not your fault you scored double and they won’t pony up for the return.

Do the right thing! I know if that happened to me and I accidentally sent 2 expensive items I would want the extra back. Amazon I doubt will step in to help the seller in this situation.


You’re under no obligation to send the second one back, but you could always let the seller know you got two and would send the extra one back if they want to provide you with a pre-paid mailer.


They told me there was an error with the system so they sent two… The item is worth 200$ and no they are not fufilled with amazon


Your obligation to the seller is complete. It is up to you if you want to return it. There is no LEGAL obligation, just a MORAL one. While some sellers will include an “extra” in a shipment at no cost, that is probably NOT what this seller intended. On the other hand, if it is the seller’s error, they should be prepared to pay whatever it takes to get the item back. Tell them you want a prepaid mailer in the amount of the postage, or some other way to compensate you for return. That is just another reason to go with smaller sellers, as this type of problem is less likely to happen (ship a $200 item by mistake???).


As a seller, I would do for them what I hope a buyer would do for me. I’d notify them that it happened.

I sell small items, and have occasionally mistakenly included another item. If they tell me, I thank them and tell them to keep it. But a $200 item? I’d be prepaying the postage AND giving them some sort of reward or free gift!

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