I am lost


I signed up up recently trying to sign up for an individual account…it signed me up for pro. In the mea time amazon tried to charge my card but wasn’t able to and my account is inactive because i have provided tax information.
A few days ago i requested the account be downgraded to individual, nothing has changed that i can see, how long does that usually take?
My biggest frustration is the fact that i cannot speak or otherwise communicate with anyone at Amazon regarding these issues.
I sent a communication(Case) regarding removing credit cards and received a communication back that had nothing to do with the issue i presented.
This whole process has been convoluted and difficult to navigate IMO.


I do not know if I can help, but…

If you can access your account, go to the top right menu - Settings > Account Info
on the left find Your Services > Manage.

FROM THERE you upgrade or downgrade.

Then you update your card
and your tax info

As to contacting Amazon, and getting any real world info, and navigating, and learning - yes it is difficult, but if you are persistent and wish to learn, then you can succeed

Good luck


Thank you for the reply, i did mange to request a downgrade a couple days ago:
It still stills looking like this:

My Services

You are signed up for
Sell On Amazon
Professional(Inactive from your next billing cycle)

( Amazon.com.mx )
Professional (Individual from your next Billing Date)

( Amazon.com ,Amazon.ca ) Click here to cancel pending downgrade

So it shows as pending, how long does it take to process the downgrade?


There are two options given to sign up to be a seller on Amazon. The individual options is small and way down the page. It is much like signing up for auto-shipments on some items on Amazon. The default is check to get the continuity.

You have paid for 30 days so Amazon will downgrade you after the 30 days.

To become a seller on Amazon you must have a valid credit card on file.

You will also be asked to prove that you are located where you stated you are. Once you submit those documents, you can expect to wait 30-45 days for a response. Why? Because Amazon has enough sellers. They need no more. So they are very slow to add new ones.

Pro-sellers can request a call back from Amazon for some issues. Individual sellers can only open cases.


Oh, but while you are waiting…take the time to go through Amazon’s Seller University. Time well spent. https://sellercentral.amazon.com/learn


Thank you I certainly appreciate that advice and insight!


A little update, after taking a few days to take care of some things around the house i was able to finally figure out a way to speak with an Amazon Seller Customer service representative.
They understood the issue completely, walked me through what i need to do to complete my profile/account and issued a refund for the Pro account that i did not use.
I am quite pleased and feel much less frustrated with the entire process.


I am glad you got a positive resolution.

Before you do anything else, you should be aware that Amazon is a bad place to learn as you go. They expect you to learn the rules and obligations of selling on Amazon before you start. I strongly suggest getting a firm grounding in Amazon policies, especially in what you need before listing an item, and how you are expected to handle returns and refunds.


Thank you for that insight, I will certainly learn, and understand as much as I can before doing anything.