I Am Assuming Amazon tech bots strike again


ZUCKER Styrene Half Mask Form 6"-White



Just had all the Arts and Crafts Masks, “Removed for Violating Amazon Policy”

These are used to paint, craft and glue for party masks. Got to love the amazing tech at Amazon.


ANY listing that has the word Mask will be removed and if you have one too many you may be suspended. Across categories and regardless of product.


I recommend that you go into your storefront and do a search for Mask and Masks so you know which listings are affected. You will notice above the results there is a blurb about Coronavirus, if you search any other term then it does not show this message. Some of my results did not even have the word mask anywhere in the listing, so I have no idea why they even showed up in the search. I’ve chosen to ignore those ones at this point.

I’ve closed my listings that contained the word Mask and requested removals for various Halloween masks I sell, but I don’t know if that’s enough as Amazon states “We review all content associated with your account for restricted products policy violations, including listings already closed.” The one they flagged me on I have been sold out since October, but I had not deleted the listing :frowning:




Did you try reaching out to Seller Support? I’ve had really good luck with them helping me in a timely manner.


lol- they removed all my masking tape - its not a good system - even replying to seller performance did not do it.
Don’t let me start on HP printing supplies being removed and being authorized.

or the PHD Thesis I had to rewrite over a bottle of windex and fair pricing - a product that never sold and never fluctuated in price since November. Even after I deleted the ASIN - the harassment continued.

I can go on and on and its just time consuming - we dont work for them and they demand so much.

I also have a pet peeve that all Amazon professional sellers get Amazon Prime for free- we are paying for it and working for it.


What number did you use to contact seller support? The one that I use (18775863230) is down due to the pandemic


The email me back option


Its over a week they suspended my account saying my Panasonic batteries are inaccurate I provided the invoices by my supplier, pictures and videos showing they are not inaccurate and they never respond back plus they are holding all my funds for shipments I sent out as I honor my orders I even ship overnight free of charge. Amazon needs to start learning that they need to help there sellers or sooner or later they will have no sellers left. One thing I will do if they don’t release my account and release my funds is send a letter to all the persons who made an order and received it showing that AMAZON held the funds and therefor the items are not paid and will be issued to CBV Collections and all collections fees will be applied. I work hard each day and I am very done being taken advantage of and being ripped off.


Can some one fully reopen my store- I am a dropping shipper - Blocked unless FBA - wont work. Its make no economical sense.
Out of 20,000 items - 300 are active and …
I am only selling Crayola these days - please fully reopen my store.

It was partially closed for no good reason.

I pay to play.

So let me play and make a buck for both of us.
Thank you


I sell masking shampoo, I wonder if I’ll be next.


If you get a listing taken down due to “MASK” and it’s not a Breathing Mask.

You need to make a case with seller support.

Choose “Your Account” -> “Other Account Issues”

Tell them you received a Violation that you believe has been flagged incorrectly by the “MASK” bot.
I also included imags of the items so they can see it’s not a MASK
It took 3-4 days but we finally received this reply.

after review were found to be in compliance and have been reinstated.

Please be patient while this full reinstatement process takes place. If the ASINs detail page are still suppressed after 2 business days please reach back out to us.


LOL - I see many more crayola sellers - I wonder why. This is also a good place to advertise I see.