How to verify legitimate email from


Is this real?

Thank you for contacting

This is an automated response to confirm that we have received your
email. Please do not respond to this auto-generated message. We will
work on your email as soon as possible.

If we have asked you to verify your payment details, please note that
we can expedite the verification process if you follow the
instructions in our original email.

Please note that Amazon Payments is the only acceptable payment method
for third-party transactions. Do not submit any other form of payment,
as the A-to-z Guarantee will not apply to any transaction completed
outside of Amazon Payments.

Again, it is not necessary to reply to this email as we have received
your message and will get back to you by email as soon as possible.
Account Specialist

PS: you received this e-mail because received the following

Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2020 06:30:32 -0700
Subject: Re: Your order cannot be shipped

Can you tell me which order is in question?

On Apr 22, 2020, at 1:39 AM, wrote:


Thank you for your response. We were unable to verify your ownership of the Mastercard ending in 2879.

Please reply to this message and attach a recent billing statement for this payment card. Please ensure the following are visible:

  • The last four digits of the card ONLY. For your security, do NOT include full card or account numbers.
  • Billing name and address
  • If included in your billing statement, also include phone number

If you are unable to provide us this information, we may proceed to close your Amazon account for security purposes. You can expect a response from us within 24 hours of sending an email.


Account Specialist

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You just posted your email address on a very, very public forum. Look at your post and find the pencil icon, then edit to remove the personal info. Otherwise, prepare to be spammed.

If you have not tried to order something on Amazon recently, ignore the message. You could also look at the orders on your buying account.


Thanks! I am attempting to edit the post but it says I do not have access to the topic when I go to save the edit.


You can only edit for maybe 10-15 minutes. I have flagged it so that hopefully a moderator will come along and remove it for you.