How to upload a 360 Spin image in zip file


As per the instruction given in this blog post, i have done all the essential development.

Now as per the article i have to post the file shared url to our Amazon representative.
Please guide us to send or upload the 360 spin images for our prodcuts.


I am having the same problem. There is no ‘Amazon rep’ listed anywhere in my seller account.

I just wrote to support and asked where we go to upload the images. I mentioned that we have 72 images for the 360 listing content [which is NOT A+ content nor a video.]

Of course, I got an-auto-bot reply telling me where to upload a video. I don’t have a video!

If anyone has more information on where to (1) upload the 360 data or (2) which entity to contact, I would also appreciate it.


Has anyone found out how to upload 360˚ spin images?

We’ve tried opening a ticket but can’t get past a bot directing us elsewhere.


Bumping this up.


Yes, you need to file a support ticket.

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