How to update UPC for existing listing


I have changed to a new UPC code for a listing with a lot of good product reviews. I am the registered brand owner without any competitor. I want to modify the UPC on the exiting listing, instead of creating a new listing. Is that possible? And how?

Is this allowed?

Why did you change the UPC number on your product? Did the product change in any way?

Technically, you can’t change the UPC on an existing ASIN. You will probably need to keep selling under the old UPC.


As the old saying goes. “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.”


I wish Amazon would adopt that motto.


You would have to create a new listing and start from scratch with reviews. The original UPC and ASIN are irrevocably associated at Amazon. But there is usually no need to change the UPC the item was registered with – it’s just used internally at amazon to create an ASIN. You can still sell the item on the listing even with it’s new UPC. There is no requirement that UPCs printed on items have to match the UPC assigned to them in Amazon.

The only advantage would be if you want to send the product to FBA using the new UPC as the identifying scanable bar code. If you have high volume that might make it worth it to re-list so you can avoid labeling.


There are MANY cases that one product can have multiple UPCs. For example:

The only way for this to happen, as I can think, is to merge two listings for the same product of different UPCs (old ones and the new one). I did see that other listings of two different UPCs were merged together by some one who can do it. But I don’t know how.

I created a new listing for the same product but of a new UPC. My request for merging to the older listing was denied by Seller Support because of “different attributes”. This seems to be unfair.

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