How to tell if a Buyer has opted out of receiving unsolicited messages


Jason@MWS - Thank you!

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Thanks for addressing this Jason !


We received the notice from Amazon saying that the buyer had opted out of unsolicited messages this morning after we replied to a buyer message about an order issue. This doesn’t make sense. There has to be a way for us to reply to buyers without running afoul of the opt-out.



I noticed that some sellers see the order ID in the canned Amazon response which provides a way to add the seller to a blacklist.

However, the emails I’m getting does not mention an order ID.

Does the order ID only appear in the Amazon response email if it was present in the email that was sent to the seller?



Can you give a heads up in this thread when the language is changed? Our marketing team is not comfortable turning our feedback back on until this change is made.

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Hello Sellers,

I just wanted you to know that we are aware of the issue where you are receiving “Your message to a buyer could not be delivered” notices, and we are working on a fix for it.

We appreciate your patience. If I get more information, I will post back here.



> We are looking into ways to make this information available so that this workaround doesn’t have to be the primary way of tracking this data.

This is something that should’ve been looked into before shooting out this new policy.


Implement first, notify later, fix bugs only when pointed out by guinea pigs.


have the same issue , but for me all messages comes to me without an order id which make it even harder for me to identify an opted-out buyer :confused:


The language in the message should have changed on March 30. If you need to contact the buyers, then there should be instructions in the messages on how to do so. If you need further assistance beyond this, then we ask that you contact Seller Support for assistance.


>I send emails to customer 2 weeks after a purchase to encourage them to leave a review on the product(s) they’ve purchased. It’s shown measurable success and I’d like to keep using it.

And this is exactly why buyers are opting out of unsolicited messages. Issues with orders, address problems, technical assistance. Great. Thanking me for my order, asking for feedback, other emails that don’t bring any value to me as a buyer - we don’t want that. Because of too many sellers sending “fluff”, now when I send something that might be of help and reduce frustration are getting blocked (if you are using this item to do this, doing that isn’t going to work, you need to do this)


The point is that Amazon tell us that these are our customers, they are just providing a forum for selling - but they make it very clear that Amazon are not the seller or the buyer or any kind of agent.

Yet they keep on creating obstacles that make it look as if these were their customers, not ours, and do everything they can to prevent us developing a relationship with our customers, even via Amazon.


It seems to bring value to the buyer because a lot of our customers leave feedback and reviews as a direct result of these emails. That leads to increased sales. I wouldn’t call it fluff. It’s standard practice inside Amazon and elsewhere in eCommerce.


Today, i needed to contact a buyer on an important issue ( not ‘fluff’ ) only to find out that they have opted out of receiving any messages .
i got a message saying that my message was Undeliverable and it’s very frustrating .

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