How to structure backend keywords for a listing?


I’ve read a lot of different things about how sellers structure their backend keywords on Amazon. Here are the different methods I’ve read about:

  1. Some sellers put 1 keyword in each of the 5 fields available.
    Field 1: Selfie stick
    Field 2: pole
    Field 3: gopro holder

  2. Other sellers add as many keywords as they can per field
    Field 1: Selfie stick pole mount gopro handheld
    Field 2: etc.

  3. The third way I’ve seen people set it up, is by separating relevant terms by a comma (repeating some of the same words).
    Field 1: Selfie stick, selfie pole, gopro stick, gopro handheld mount,
    Field 2: gopro holder, gopro stick, etc.

Which one is the right way? Is there an advantage to each method? Or is there one right way?


I’ve done a little testing and found that choices 2 and 3 perform identically. Choice 2 uses fewer characters allowing for, potentially, more search terms.


I would go with choice number 3… since that is the way keywords have been entered into websites pretty much since the beginning.

However… see no benefit in repeating the exact same keywords. Might help to use gopro in some instances and go pro in other instances.

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> Which one is the right way? Is there an advantage to each method? Or is there one right way?

I read here a while back that method 2 was the ‘correct’ one to use, as the Amazon system doesn’t need the commas or the repeated words. I’ve used that method myself and seem to top the search listings for my usual search terms.


Hi there, Hyperikon.

Thanks for posting your question!

When it comes to utilizing the keyword functionality, you are allowed 5 keyword fields, and you can certainly include more than one keyword in each field. With that said, I’d recommend going with the #2 option you included in your post.

Please do keep in mind that you are limited to 50 characters (including spaces) in each keyword field. Keywords can only contain letters, numbers or spaces. Punctuation or special characters such as a pound sign, comma, or apostrophe are not permitted.

Feel free to refer to our [Keywords help page|] for a bit more in-depth info on this topic.

When assigning keywords to your listings, try to think like your customers and try including terms that are popular “buzzwords” or commonly used descriptors of your product. If you find that a particular item does not appear to be selling well, you may want to reevaluate the keywords you’ve assigned to your listing.

I know it’s a lot of work when dealing with many listings, but I hope this bit of info is helpful for you. Have an excellent Wednesday and thanks again for posting!


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