How to Stop Listings Being Deactivated Due to Pricing Alerts


The ones we are getting, and their are only a few are items that are under priced to just a few dollars so ours at 10 or 12 dollars are deactivated due to price, talked to support who was no help at all and reading from a screen telling me about Amazons suggested pricing. The only solution I found is just to list these items on our other selling sites since Amazon doesn’t seem to be doesn’t seem to be concerned with it . I really think support should be able to use common sense as well as their scripts


Update: The nightmare continues. I’m now up to 54 inactive listings due to high price. I opened another case and as usual, the answer did not address my problem and directed me to Amazon’s guidelines for listing items. I’m not a new seller, This seller support is not helpful. Then the case is marked as “answered”. I reopen the case and ask them again to help me. I called twice and spent over 2 hours with both calls talking to more than 5 people, who all appear to be speaking and understanding a different form of English than the one I’ve been speaking my whole life. To call this process frustrating is the understatement of the year. One of these support people actually told me to delete all the then 53 listings and rellist them. I asked about 10 times to speak to a supervisor, and they kept putting me on hold and the call, of course dropped, and I had to call back and start all over again. Another seller support person told me to change the min and max prices with the max price being higher than the price I was offering it for. I did that and saw all 53 listings go active and then a minute later back to inactive. I finally got to a “team leader” who told me to make a file with the 53 listings that I would then upload, That would solve the problem. I made the file and uploaded it. I received a confirmation email from Amazon that the file had been successfully uploaded, but the 53, now 54 listings, are still inactive. I open another case with all the information asking for help from something called “Seller Support”. Round and around we go. I pay 480.00 for a professional account, and I can’t get a single person in this company to help me. There are other sellers selling the same books I am for higher prices than my offer. They’re active, and I 'm not. This is happening at the worst time, and I can’t get anyone to help me. What kind of company is this? I am so disgusted. This has completely disrupted my work flow. Instead of making sales and creating coupons and getting on with things, I’ve had to spend so much time on this. I feel like a “targeted individual.” I’m not saying this is happening for sure. I’m not paranoid. It’s just that this is so bizarre, and I can’t understand why this can’t be fixed. Why do they have me spinning in circles? I feel like I’m in a bad B horror movie and can’t get out. I have followed the instructions they’ve given me, and nothing changes. The listings are still inactive, Every case that I open they label as “answered;” sometimes within minutes. The problem hasn’t been answered or resolved. If anyone from this company is reading this, I need help. This is disgraceful. Maybe this is a sign that my New Years resolution should be to keep my 480.00 a year that goes to Amazon and file for divorce from Mr. Bezos and his company. I’ve thought about writing a book about being a third party seller on Amazon. Some of the aspects of this book would be so unbelievable that it would be considered fiction. Imagine, this imaginary book becoming a popular seller on Amazon. I love irony, but it’s no consolation for this situation,


You have set the price parameters, correct? (i.e. “Your Minimum Price” box and “Your Maximum Price” box in Manage Inventory).

What I have done for this is to first set those Min and Max parameters. Then lower my price by $5 or $10 just to see if it will get rejected or not. If it’s rejected I continue to slightly lower it, until it isn’t rejected. At least then you know what the price ceiling is for a particular item.

But you need to decide if it’s worth it to sell it at a cheaper price just to maintain sanity.

As for other sellers higher priced listings for the same item, I think they’re there because the listing is stagnant and hasn’t been updated it awhile. If they were to reprice it, refresh it or relist it, it also would kick out.


The real frustration lies in the fact that competetors with higher prices on these items than ours are still showing as active and ours (now up to 14 pages worth) are not. Many of these are drop-shippers’ “placeholders” at ridiculously high prices. What do they know that we cannot figure out? Is it a volume thing?


No it is part and parcel of the new improved botted system for buyer satisfaction. You can play with the pricing for a listing or try listing in a Collectible Condition if approved for Collectible and see if that will fix the issue. Some books are not collectible as we know so that condition should not be used for them but otherwise what a pain.


It’s not just books. I have an ASIN B07KV7NB2M, which is a nationally known brand name of women’s Christmas leggings. I have nearly 150 different ASINs just for women’s leggings, but just this one is a problem the last two days. I am the only seller of this ASIN on both FBA and FBM, but many other similar ASINs have other sellers, and some at higher prices than my $14.95.

They deactivated my FBA listing which is at $14.95, and the first time they explained that I needed to adjust my Maximum price. Ok, I set that to $350, but listing still deactivated. Meanwhile my FBM SKU for this exact same ASIN is $8.75 plus $4.88 shipping. So then they told me several times back and forth my price was higher than the lowest listing.

This morning I said Ok, and raised the price of the FBM listing to $18.75 plus $4.88 shipping.

Now both are deactivated. I’m waiting for SS response to this. I’m about to pull this item and sell it elsewhere, but if the bot is that screwed up and SS so completely illiterate that they literally told me my FBA price cannot be higher than the lowest price for that ASIN MINUS SHIPPING, which in this case was MY FBM listing for the exact same item, then we’re all screwed.

“Please note that the lowest price for this ASIN is: $8.75, however, price provided by you is higher than this price.”

So I cannot have an FBA price of $14.95 for an item priced $8.75 on FBM?

MY item on FBM?

Amazon, you are KILLING people with this kind of nonsense!


You actually need to check other sites and not just Amazon sellers. Wal Mart and others that sell the same products.


That’s even worse! Those other sites are not held to the same standards that Amazon sellers are.
Used, pre-owned, New Without Tags, Open Box, Refurbished, “Not working and sold for parts only”… I could go on and on, but I think you know what I mean. I was looking at a “Refurbished” laptop on one of those sites, and I asked several sellers what does “Refurbished” mean. I work in computers and cybersecurity, so I really wanted to hear what would follow. Only one of several answered–He said “Professionally reprogrammed with Windows 10.”

What a load of horse droppings! So you reloaded Windows. NOT a Big Deal! But a seller of a NEW laptop with the same UPC has to compete with that price? Really?


Been trying to get this one fixed for a while:

Three active sellers.
Lowest price: $21.82

We are deactivated, our price: $21.37 (buyers are the losers, in this case) as lowest guy is not showing.


Not arguing just saying this horse pockey is what Amazon is so called “concerned with the buyer experience” about. And holding Sellers to some one knock off price or some blow out price on Wal Mart or other site is what is going on with Amazon.



Walmart sells ( 1) pack for $1.73. Multiply that by 12 for the 12 pack you are selling and it comes to $20.76. Have you tries setting your price to that instead of $21.37?


PM me the link - I only see it a similar item for $2.76 a pack and that’s a 3rd party seller.


Thanks, It’s odd as it looks as if the listing was scraped, images , bullet points right from Amazon itself. However, Walmart’s website does not not handle package qty well at all. One of the reasons we stopped on Walmart.

The link you sent me shows a (12 Pack) for $2.76. There is no way as the cost direct from the manufacturer is way more than than that. I bet whomever orders it from walmat gets 1 pack not 12. I don’t see $1.73. Makes me think Walmart has different prices for different parts of the country???

Lets say I’m 110% wrong, Amazon really wants to deactivate an offer over 45 cents?


I sent you a PM with a screenshot of what I see


So now, it’s getting even more complicated.
As Walmart shows $1.73 for Shadow & $2.76 for me. So say even if I (we) went off of a Walmart price it might not be the price Amazon is using?? Ugh!

if I choose Walmart as the seller I get “This item is only sold at a Walmart store.” So you can’t even order it from Walmart

The bot has too many bugs and it does not compare apples to apples, period.


Nail, meet hammer.


Agree 100%.

We sell to Walmart stores. Everything in their store is also online, however, if it has a low price point (under $10.00) it will be PICK-UP only.

We have a hazmat item that is PICK UP only at Walmart yet Amazon wants us to price match even though they are charging us higher fees for hazmat. We can barely afford this as the manufacturer. There is no way a re-seller could match it. That leaves only us on the listing. Now I know most sellers would be happy to have the listing to themselves, but, remember there are hazmat storage limits and this is not our only hazmat item. So if we run out of stock at Amazon, there are no sales at all via Amazon.


I was getting a few upon looking at them i saw that say the listing had only 6 sellers all selling for around 1.50 (way under priced) it would not let me list for 10 or 11 dollars with out the pricing error, wrote Amazon several times and had support call me back on it , but the guy just kept reading from the script till i got disgusted and ended the call, which is what he must have wanted as he refused to address it, so just moved those listing to other selling platforms since Amazon doesn’t wish to address the bot problem .


Maybe Amazon just likes them more… I just found, a few minutes ago, listings that display as active, but are not on the offers page, I am combing through and finding more and more, active but not visible. I am wondering how many of my listings are like this.


Me too.