How to Stop Listings Being Deactivated Due to Pricing Alerts


I disagree. The purpose of the marketplace is to make sales.

And that is the essence of this conflict/

Some stuff is cheap because there is no demand. Some of such items are niche items with low demand, and some of these items have no merit and will never have demand, and are in oversupply.

So far all of the specific examples are items which are in over supply. Even @left_coast_books Toni Morrison book looks like it is in oversupply, even though it isn’t because it shares an ASIN with books which are in oversupply.

Can you provide an example of an uncommon item with only a few offers which has encountered an problem with too high a price leading to a listing being closed?


Don’t know if it is part of the plan. So far, I see 2 cases where sellers who (against policy) offer international editions of textbooks at a much much lower price than others who sell the ‘real’ ISBNs on the same page, are no longer there. For now, anyway…


i have several like that…i.e., rarish imports that only a handful offer for sale and which amazon itself is not on the listing (unless they put one of those placeholder pages up that claims they will have the product at some unknown time in the future while hiding current available offers).

They aren’t just targeting offers with many sellers nor listings that they themselves are on.


The monthly fees probably cover fixed costs, or AZ would not be charging sellers for this. I am well aware that the other seller fees are charged. We all know that and we pay them. That was part of my point. Amazon slits their own throat by trying to force us to sell at dollar store prices. We sell cheaper and they have less profit per seller. That is a simple concept.
You sell what way? You are not seeing what issues? Some of your response does not make sense.
You may be satisfied with price fixing, and I am happy that you are content, but many sellers are not.


Either post or PM me the Asins. I’d like to see if they are comparing to another site.


Well, yes. We want to make sales, but they have to be available for sale first. You are splitting hairs. And I can tell you that I recently had one of my new, rare items deactivated for a possible pricing error because it was priced higher than the USED items that were offered. I was the only one that had a new one. Nothing that I did would reactivate the listing. I wrote to AZ and got the canned answer. Then, I called seller support. They were going to look into getting it reactivated. LOL
I quite understand supply and demand. Most sellers do. I don’t think that we need a lecture on that. I do think that we all want the freedom to decide for ourselves what our prices should be. If a seller is not successful in understanding the market, they will not survive. The market will weed those folks out, just as it does in any other marketplace. We just don’t want big brother AZ running our business.


no. why would i do that?


And the point I was making upthread is that Amazon has put the lowball price on an item they do not have, no time frame for sourcing, has the BB with no inventory, and has lowest price.
So with the BB they may get orders for back order while keeping the BB.
Other sites for comparison has been Abe for me and wondering if this is another push to get some velocity for Abe, yet other non-media has also got the high pricing alerts.
So while some may say it is a realignment of the market others could justifiably say price fixing.


I feel for you. I forgot to mention in my initial post that the same thing has been happening in the Canada and Mexico accounts. When putting all three together, it’s closer to 150 listings going inactive. I am just now wondering if this is a way for Amazon to suppress certain sellers to give an edge to their preferred sellers like those who buy advertisement from them. I know it sounds paranoid, but I feel like Amazon punishes sellers who don’t give them more money with all this inactive listings nonsense. $40.00 a month, $480.00 a year in monthly fees, all the other fees, the mandatory prime buying shipping trick, and on and on. It seems that Amazon wants more money from its sellers. It’s time to call it a night. All the best to you,


I hope you’re right, but with Amazon’s contract with the CIA, I have my doubts as to whether the FTC will be allowed to do their job. Amazon’s practices reminds me of a saying I heard long ago…“more money has been stolen with a pen (in this case Algorithms, bots, AI, and other corrupt methods) than has ever been stolen with a gun.”


just found one that I am trying to reactivate at 18.98…it’s new FBA…there are 3 USED offers, MF for 22.45 on the page but my lone new/sealed FBA $18.98 offer is not acceptable to Amazon…great for customers.


All good points to look at.

I overlooked mentioning the image on the sellercentral view has been replaced with a USB cable, detail page image is okay.

Not sure how this factors in but it points to more insider sabotage or possible detail page take over because its an extremely high value detail page with 80% 5 star with over 800+ total reviews. Its most certainly one that competition would like to have taken down or a listing hijacker would like to have.


amazon is not a marketplace per se, its a services provider for 3P sellers.

Core profits come from value added options like selling digital ads to 3P sellers. This is 100% fat for amazon. Are you going to focus on peddling trinkets with high risk or go after fat that cannot be clawed back in any way and cost virtually ZERO dollars to operate.

FBA + 3P sellers is a vehicle to allow amazon to ship their product at little to no cost incurred for amazon.

Just look at the prime offerings, all the sellers have COST+FBA+FEES+TAX model. amazon is only COST+TAX.

From that model one can deduce the fees charged for FBA are at least 200% or more above cost if they were selling services in a competitive environment.

You as a 3P seller are not making that kind of profit even on your best day.

I am not referring to the that one of a kind find that for $10 brings in a $1000. This is about product that is sold on an daily basis.


:cry: So How Should We Do…


Because more information makes it more likely to find a workaround or guideline, since the chances of changing the bot are probably nil.


ive already resigned myself to the fact that I have to either sell these at a loss or recall them to sell elsewhere. I don’t believe there is any workaround.

I am wondering, though, if it ever makes sense to leave inventory in place in hopes the lowballers sell out or get suspended.

On the other hand i guess you stand the risk of Amazon tossing your inventory in the garbage if it is inactive for too long…


When we had a similar problem last year, it was realized that bots would catch the supposed high prices when something changed, such as re-pricing (even if down). Don’t know if the same thing is true in this incarnation of the problem, but if so, the fact that you let your items sit without constantly playing with them could make the difference.

Then again, I’m sure that Amazon has come up with a slightly new way to mess with us…


This is absolutely correct. I lost thirty or forty books by pricing them DOWN and getting hit by the anti-competitive price making bot. Was unable to ever get them listed again. Copies were listed 5-10x my price and it is because those prices weren’t lowered. Since then I have given up on repricing my inventory. If it doesn’t sell it doesn’t sell but I’m not going to be participating in the lowering prices / kicking other people off listings because Amazon wants to control pricing.


It is still unclear to me as to whether a bug has been introduced into the pricing functions or whether Amazon has made an unannounced change.


I’m not getting price alerts …But I refuse to sell books in the MAGIC $6-$8 Range…

So Sales have been ZERO for Two Weeks…