How to Stop Listings Being Deactivated Due to Pricing Alerts


There is another bot which may catch your shipping increase.


I listed a 3 vol.set and it was deactivated because sellers were selling the individual volumes at a fraction of the cost. Could sell each individually but don’t want to break a matched set so I will likely just let it go.

There were some other notices where the price really was too high and the book would never have sold.


Sadly I wish that was a fix. I have done that before and this particular bot looks at retroactive prices as well as current ones. It also looks at prices across the web even for used offers on paces like ebay, etsy, and poshmark. I dont sell books but it’s an issue across different items and brands. Its enough of an issue that I just escalated my case to the team because it is a HUGE waste of time. On one particular item, I got deactivated for LOWERING my price… there is still a listing up with a HIGHER price.


Impossible! Amazon bot has really gone crazy constantly searching for “high” pricing. No matter what you set for high and low Amazon will push you go below MSRP or sell at a loss. I have a lot of inactive listings due to this bs even previously sold one’s!


I sell both FBA and FBM. My deactivations are exactly half and half.


Well I guess that bot is not working because this worked for me and it did not deactivate again.


I think this issue has been creeping up for months. I had a rare collectible TV complete series DVD set that I’d sold about 8 times previously for $375-450. I listed another one for $399 and it was immediately deactivated. The min/max prices had no effect. I contacted support and they told me it was available on other sites for under $100. They were comparing it to sellers that bundled the common individual seasons together as the complete series (minus collectible packaging and bonus contents). I ended up having to drop my price to around $200 for it to be allowed to list again.


i got the same issue with cd’s/lp’s. i don’t get it.


This is awful. I also am pretty sure that Amazon, one of the smartest companies ever, knows exactly what impact this is having on sellers. How they can feel comfortable with such an environment where people are left dazed and confused by this new action, with no explanation being provided by them, - is almost incomprehensible. I have 100+ listings deactivated so far, and the uncertainty of how much longer and how much more of my listings are going to be picked apart is emotionally crushing right now. What about the labor I invested in carefully listing these items? Where is the respect and concern for a person’s hard work? Now?!?! Right before the key selling season? This is evil. There is no other word for it. So many books have so little value, I list them for 8 or 9 dollars just to get the out of my place, and by the time I finished with the selling fees and the shipping I realize less than 2.00 for the item. What makes up for it is the higher priced books, and now all those are getting reactivated? This company, unfortunately, has proven year after year, Christmas after Christmas, that they will find a new and unexpected way to shatter all hope and expectation. I’m livid.


I have a pretty rare book that only 3 other sellers are listing. My price is the lowest at $139.00. The other two are priced 20 dollars higher, but are still showing; mine, however, was deactivated due to a ‘high price’ listing error. Does ANYONE at Amazon pay any attention to these absolutely ridiculous bots?


This sweeping action is clearly punitive. DO NOT RESPOND TO AMAZON SURVEYS. If you do, respond with only the highest rating for Amazon performance. Carefully review your pricing errors, by clicking on the “product listing” for your item. You will find numerous instances of competitors prices much higher than yours, some ridiculously higher remaining in their catalogue. Any such mass action would logically start with the highest priced listings, if the intent were as stated. The “Collectible” category is clearly ignored. There is another motive at work here. Tread carefully; these actions portend something sinister.


I’m looking forward to their next quarterly earnings release. Maybe these changes have something to do with the soft guidance they issued this week.


Happening to us, too. It started with 1 yesterday that I fought with for a good chunk of the day. It finally blocked me from attempting to reactivate it, but it did say I could relist. I did so, and today, it is once again inactive, along with 4 others. Three are Spanish-language, one is local history, and one is a cookbook.

It is definitely a bot action, and no way to get around lowering the price as far as I can see. I selected all of them to reactivate, and clicked on one to check out the listing itself. And there we were; our listing was present. But this book was still coming up as Inactive with the Pricing Error, so I checked again, and we were gone. There seems to be a certain price set on these listings, and if your price is above it, it will be deactivated until you reprice it to their liking.

Some of these could afford to be priced lower. One I refuse to do so with. It is a rare book, and just because one lone idiot has it priced low (and as New, for a book from 1975!), I will not come down on our price. Even the others, I refuse to do so, because these items belong to us. It is up to us to dictate price, not Amazon. And if Amazon doesn’t like it, there is the Bay. I am not going to let a bot decide how much we get paid for an item. If someone else has it for less, well, the customer is free to buy it from them. Our prices are our prices.

We’ll give them some time to work out whatever glitches are going on, but this doesn’t bode well, in my opinion.


First of all, $12, is way too high to give a proper margin, considering how long it may take for the book to sell (plus, it’s a “Good”, and may not even be that good). Also, even if I do that, I suspect that Amazon will look at it as “Hey, this book last sold for $12; so you shouldn’t price yours at $80”
When I’ve seen cases of someone selling a book much cheaper than the going price (when there were no deactivation issues), once that book is sold, the BB disappears. Amazon tracks the old prices, regardless of how absurd they are.


they hit some for an item that is only a few dollars…but others seem to getting away with 500% over priced


Talked to two different people at amazon today. After showing them by example that all books are not created equal i was assured that they would get it straightened out.

At amazon they do not understand the book business. I had 400+ listing deactivated yesterday and the total so far today is up to 792. They are trying to fit used books into a niche like a 3/8 NC nut.

I have 10K listings on amazon and none of them is the lowest priced on amazon so at this rate i figuire it will be about 7 days before they will have deactivated all of them

for a corporation that is as rich as amazon you have to wonder with these kinds of decisions being made how they got there

just sayin’


After trying what seems like everything, and after finishing a bottle of wine, my anger subsided to tolerable. So I decided to try again. Before even reading your post, that EXACT thought crossed my mind - that “There seems to be a certain price set on these listings, and if your price is above it, it will be deactivated until you reprice it to their liking.”

About 6 hours ago, I lowered 10 prices on deactivated items where I would still make a decent profit, and they are all still showing as ‘active’ and are all still showing on the offers page.

At first, I thought I was the highest price when the deactivation occurred, but then noticed one which I listed yesterday. I KNOW there were 2 other offers higher than mine at the time, but they are not there anymore; hence my/our conclusion…

I am yet to come across a deactivated item which shows other sellers who are offering it at a higher price than mine, but not deactivated. That would just drive me to hard liquor…


Don’t hold your breath - the issue is over a year old at this point.


The irony here is that I think it is a way to stop fraudulent sellers which are everywhere and typos which are obvious to anyone doing regular business. It has wasted my times as well and I do the same. How about just getting rid of the obvious frauds?


I had one deactivated and mine was the only book listed. Another had my listing and one other and they were in different conditions. Neither had the min/max, so I put those in, but haven’t looked yet to see if they deactivated again. I’ll look after the ballgame