How to Stop Listings Being Deactivated Due to Pricing Alerts


Suddenly, I am getting pricing alerts and listings deactivated. Contrary to Amazon’s viewpoint, not all offerings of a particular book title are equal. My prices are set after carefully studying the item, comparables, condition, etc. Has anyone figured out how to get this Pricing Alert and Listing Deactivation to STOP???!!!

Listings Deactivated for Potential Pricing Error
All My Rare Collectible Books are being Deactivated



There isnt any way to disable it, completely ridiculous feature.


Even the Min/Max “fix” - which Amazon recommended when this exact same problem plagued so many of us last October - is being reported by many today as being inoperative:

Ah, the Joys of Glitchmas…


Only solution we know of is to have our repricer constantly reactivate.


What repricer do you use?


my repricer doesn’t ‘see’ this particular type of ‘INACTIVE’ item…



What we use isn’t just a repricer, it is integrated into our feed and is rather expensive for anyone doing less than 8 figures a year.


This is definitely a .COM issue.

I also sell on .ca where I offer the exact books which are also relatively/competitively priced…with no such issues. Yet, as of this morning, I see 30+ books deactivated with ‘high pricing error’ on .com. What the???

Tried everything suggested on other related topics, with no positive results = a spectacular time waster…


A post I made on the related long thread

I have been anxiously waiting notification of my pricing issues, since I am no slouch at pricing.

With trepidation, I can say none yet.

I have had to occupy myself dealing with Suspected Trademark Violation on listings that have been inactive for years, that I did not delete.

Putting my thinking cap on (it is made of tin foil) I am trying to come up with a theory about what and why

The OP’s Toni Morrison books is probably a signed trade edition. Many of her books have in excess of 100 offers, new and used.

I have noted increasingly in the past several months that more and more books with over 100 offers and no listing by Amazon have no buy box. That is even when there are FBA offers and sellers I know to be eligible listing on the page.

We know Amazon will not give the BB to offers above MSRP but these are not above MSRP.

Are we dealing with different rules for books with lots of offers?

I do not list on pages with over 15 offers, could this be why my prices are not being flagged?

Is Amazon citing Fair Pricing but really trying to cull the number of offers, using some other criteria along with price? Like Buy Box Eligibility? Might explain why other sellers price is not acceptable.

The signed limited edition situation does not fit, but I cannot find a catalog page for a signed and limited edition of the book that poster referenced.

I do not usually sell signed books other than limited editions. I might have a few books which are signed but the signature adds no value, and I probably have some inscribed books selling for less than an equivalent unsigned copy, I consider most inscriptions a defect which can easily drop a condition to Good.

So maybe this bot is a little more complex than the price. Maybe it does not check all listings. Maybe all sellers are not created equal. Maybe it is something some sellers are doing.


Maybe this is a .com issue because there are fewer books with over 100 offers on .ca


I got a few of these today; in all cases, there were sellers with much lower prices (one was Amazon, who is now selling the book new). For 2 of the cases, I had priced as the only seller, and have no problem with the lower price.
But on the 3rd book, I’ve already sold one copy at the higher price, so IMO it’s a valid price (it’s also at the low end of the range on other sites). Yet because some bozo came along and priced it at $12, I’m expected to drop my price from $80. My normal response in a case like this is to leave my price alone, and let him sell his first; for $50+, I can wait. But I’m worried that if I don’t do anything, then even when his sells, mine won’t show up, or at the least, I won’t have anything other than my reminder to check it every once in a while to see if it’s there.
Very frustrating.


The timing is not coincidental. IMO, Amazon is trying to force prices lower for Christmas and if you are FBA, they will happily help you “dispose” of any inventory that can’t be offered due to their fair market pricing policy.


I’ve been selling for quite awhile. I have never had this happen before. I have 4600+ listing deactivated for either high or low pricing reasons. None of which can be fixed via an upload or manually.

Just sharing so the poster doesn’t feel alone.

It’s times like this I would like to speak to Bezos alone for a few minutes or so…


It’s been happening to me for months. Every day, there are more listings going inactive because of a high price alert . I’m now close to 50 listings. Last night before logging out, it was 26. Today, it’s double. I contacted SS about 3 of my listings a few months ago. It was like talking to a robot. The listinga eventually went active and now this. I started again about a week ago and keeps going. Is this yet another glitch or something else? Is this Capitalism or Communism? Some of my higher priced books are signed, out of print, limited editions, etc. I am so tired of this crap. I pay Amazon for a professional account. They should refund those fees to me and every other seller that has had to deal with this, in my case for months. I just sold a 50.00 book. There were other offers, but my copy was signed. What’s the problem? Amazon needs to be accountable to its sellers.


There’s another recent long thread about this elsewhere in the Forum – perhaps would be helpful. I had nearly 265 today. Driving me mad!


When you find out let us know. I have been in this for the last few days. I clean up 100 and then 150 come in the same night. Sometimes it is only a difference of $20. It is really getting annoying. And yes it is FBA as well as Merchant fulfilled pricing.


Just more for the FTC to look into. Amazon is such an anti-competitive marketplace. Their bots only err in one direction, limiting competition, forcing prices, making bank for Amazon.


Why not just buy the 12 dollar copy?


I lowered the price and increased the shipping (to the total of what I wanted to sell my rare book).
The deactivation “bot” stopped harassing me and my “expensive” book. I know it’s a shame we would need to do this but yet necessary.
Hope this will help others.