How to sell PDF books on Amazon?


We had 3000+ business (PDF) cases and we want to sell it on AMazon so buyer will download it from Amazon store.We are not able to sell PDF books .Please help me on that .


Vijay Hole


If they are authorized and legit, you own the copyright, you can convert them to Kindle books … if they are not …

then you are better off not offering those on Amazon via email, many have tried from your area of the world though.

One gets whacked, another one surfaces LOL but this would be the first time when someone respectfully asked this question mentioning the number of their PDF files.

Who makes these and who collects 3000 titles? - or are they simply downloaded from the servers of the publishers or printers?

In the past, a few big publishers were able to offer a few of their textbooks themselves also in PDF file download format or HTML in addition to their hardcovers of softcovers.

At least this seller won’t complain about shipping fee discrepancies.


Products made available by digital download: Amazon prohibits the listing of products that are made available by digital download, including codes that can be used to access content on other websites or platforms.


This is the URL for self publishing on Kindle.



Did you write all those 3000 books yourself or just took them from the publisher’s or printer’s computer?

If you wrote them, like I said before, convert the PDF files into Kindle format, upload them into the Kindle library and you are ready to go.
If you just took them from somewhere then they are not yours to sell via Amazon.
People work hard to write textbooks and you should not be the one to benefit because you
had access to 3000 computer files.
There were others like you before.
If you want to take buyer’s money and give it to Amazon while at the same time trashing the prices of
hardcover textbooks, follow your predecessors. None of them lasted long.


We cant sell digital books on Amazon?I cant believe…


use the link at the bottom of the page “contact seller support” and ask your question.


It is true that we cant sell PDF books on amazon …?

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The poster sounds like a Robot Made in India.

Would be ideal to work as outsourced phone support.


List away, Programatically according to your other thread, after all, listing 3000 titles with images is quite some work.
Buyer money will start rolling in and Amazon gets to keep it all.

You won’t hear the real answer anyway.


Yes, it is true. You don’t believe amazon itself? Vicky posted (albeit without appropriate attribution) amazon’s stated policy on this.



> At least this seller won’t complain about shipping fee discrepancies.
Based on their posts thus far, I would not rule this out .


Yes, Programatically Robotically.


> Would be ideal to work as outsourced phone support.
Probably already is .

> The poster sounds like a Robot Made in India.
But of course, now we have a completely new question to grapple with “Can Robots sell PDF books on Amazon?”


Conclusion is that

Amazon MUST implement this feature ASAP…


Amazon is never going to implement that feature. It would be a bad marketing decision, a bad customer service decision, and a bad financial decision. And it would attract a type of seller they do not wish to have.

Either convert your documents to Kindle or go elsewhere.


Absolutely … to serve the immediate needs of those who have access to publisher and / or printer computers and can lift PDF files easily, some even before the hardcover or softcover new books make it to the stores.

Those high textbook prices MUST BE TRASHED lol to help student buyers.
Authors would not need to be paid at all then - the love of the work and the prestige should be enough for those greedy types.


Of course you are only supposed to convert to Kindle if you own the copyright - and at least these days the Kindle team supervises the submissions to some extent.


Right. They MUST do what we demand.

But the great thing is that Amazon already implemented this feature years ago. It’s called Kindle. It allows authors and publishers who hold their respective copyrights to sell their digital content in a legal way.


There are many items which are legitimately offered on kindle, where the “publisher” does not own the copyright - public domain books.

Amazon is restricting some of these books to avoid 100 or more different “editions” of the identical book, but owning the copyright is not always required to have the right to reproduce a book, or music or video.

I suspect the OP’s cases are legitimate. Business cases have traditionally been pamphlets published by xerography or photo-offset with low production values and are extremely well suited for conversion to PDF files.

I’m pretty sure the OP does not belong on Amazon, since he has no sense of what Amazon is about.