How to sell my own company's gift cards on Amazon?


My company has brick and mortar retail stores, our own e-commerce retail website, and physical and digital gift cards that can be redeemed in-store or online. What is my best course of action for making our gift cards available for sale on Amazon?


Gift cards are restricted


The policy says gift cards are restricted “except for retail gift cards listed by pre-approved sellers”. My question is, how do we get to be one of those approved sellers.


You can’t


I wanted to answer this, but could not find the link to the policy. I think it is good as the original poster that you provided that. It will be helpful to others in the future.


These are Amazon’s “approved sellers”:

  • Sold and delivered by ACI Gift Cards, LLC., an Amazon company.
  • Ships from and sold by ACI Gift Cards LLC, an Amazon company.

ACI sells gift cards for national, popular brands.

@Car_Toys, you might try to contact them directly to see whether your brand is eligible.

Physical Address 410 Terry Ave N Seattle WA 98109
Telephone (206) 266-1000
Email corp-gc-salesops@ amazon