How to: Replace Computer and/or Login from another Computer


How would one access their Amazon login under the following situations:

  1. Existing Computer/Laptop is being replaced with a new one
  2. User carries their Laptop/Notebook to another country on business, travel or holiday

For the above scenarios, is there a process one needs to go through to ensure that the user’s account is not de-activated as the IP address and/or login location would change?


A new computer is no issue at all.

The IP address or login location also do not matter. Just make sure you can receive the 2-factor authentication on your phone or via email wherever you are. I log in from different computers and different locations all the time. I also use a VPN for public access – which you should also use if you travel. Never use public wifi without a VPN connection, especially outside of the US.


Are you a VA?


What’s a VA?


Virtual assistant


@RedWing Thank you! Appreciated.

Understood about using a VPN when using public wifi, especially outside of the US. Would using a VPN also apply to more secure Internet connections at hotels and/or Airbnb, outside the US? Or is it generally more advisable to use a VPN when outside of the US?


Hotel connections are not secure. Always use a VPN outside the US even in hotels. Actually in the US as well.