How to reactivate my account?


To whom it may concern:
Here is the Original Suspension Notice:
November 27, 2016
Your Seller Account
We still need more information about the items at the end of this email. Please reply to this email with copies of invoices or receipts that include the following:
– Supplier information (name, phone number, address, website)
– Buyer information (name, phone number, address, website)
– Invoice date (must be issued in the last 365 days)
– Item descriptions
– Item quantities

November 29, 2016
We still need more information about your plan to address Inauthentic Item complaints.
Please reply to this email with a plan that explains
– The issues that caused the complaints.
– The actions you have taken to resolve the issues and prevent similar complaints.

December 15, 2016
Your selling privileges have been removed

February 8, 2017
I summited an appeal that I knew nothing about why amazon had removed my selling privileges and I cannot provide any purchase invoice,because I was selling extra spare products.

If I was accidentally selling counterfeit items cause any right owner complaint I had already deleted them before amazon done it.But I had never ever been selling any inauthentic item,had not even sold any item as a amazon seller.
If I was happenedly using other’s brand name,I have checked the trademark database and updated my username.

Here is the latest case I summited for suspended account:
Case ID:5935211761
Mar 30, 2019
I applied an individual seller account in 2016,at that time I tried to sell some own unused goods on amazon without any purchase invoice therefore amazon suspended my account.During these years I have been learning how to sell on amazon in other company.Now I decide to apply a business seller account for a startup.Should I reactivate this individual account and upgrade it to a business account?

As I know opening a new account after being suspended is not allowed,please help me.


You only get one account per lifetime, possibly fall on your sword and try to reinstate the old suspended account otherwise you’re going to have to find someplace else to Market your widgets…

Amazon doesn’t really want people that are selling stuff they happen to have laying around their house, that’s unwanted that’s more of an eBay, Craigslist, and other platforms …

Good luck


Definitely,amazon differs from ebay,each marketplace has its game rule.For sure I am trying to find a way to reinstate my account,just wonder if anyone experienced same issue.


Angelic pretty, one of the European sellars, has some thoughts on the subject you could Google it.


Thank you,I will try


During these days,I have respectively created 3 cases through different way,for 2 of them amazon representatives replied but then removed their messages ended up with “Your case has been forwarded to another Amazon team and they will contact you regarding your question.” means I have to wait.
I have submitted a POA they required,it seems not enough,for privacy reasons, they do not provide details about their investigation methods. Seems my account was marked as trouble like “Megamind” or"supervillain Gru".
Is there a phone number direct to seller performance team?or should I necessarily give a call to Jeff Bezos if I have to.


Seller Performance cannot be reached by phone and although a call from the Administrative team is possible, they will call you - you cannot call them.

If you received a closing statement, in one of the responses,“We may not respond to further emails, etc…”, you’ve likely reached your limit of appeals and will not receive any more responses, regarding your 2016 suspension.


Indeed I received such statement,so I need to find a way as my account is suspended not removed.Regular way goes into infinite loop.


Sorry for the delay.

A suspended account is an unusable account. Accounts are never removed, but remain static.

You are stuck in an infinite loop, because Amazon has stated, they will not respond to further emails, concerning your account. There is no round-about way to reinstate your account, except through Seller Performance.

Since you were suspended for Inauthentic Item complaints, assuming your were selling your extra spare products, as New instead of Used, perhaps you need to address the problem of selling, New as Used.

Amazon does not operate like eBay or other selling platforms. “New” is applied to products purchased directly from the manufacturer or authorized distributor, with permission to sell on Amazon. Otherwise, they must be listed as “Used”. Some brands, may not be sold as New or Used, without approval.

I would not write to them again. Try again in six months or so, after thoroughly understanding the platform.


Start over with a new name, email & new tax ID# at this point?


This would guarantee that the OP will get a lifetime ban, along with anyone s/he ever shares a household with, so shame on you for suggesting it. :rage:

(Oh I so miss the downvote button :persevere:)


Businesses open, alter, pivot and close constantly…change names, owners, addresses.
This doesn’t seem unreasonable to me at all…it’s not illegal.


Of course it is not illegal. The problem is that it’s a violation of Amazon’s TOS, which by signing up to sell, we all accepted to be contractually bound by.

There are greater and lesser sins on Amazon. Opening a new seller account under different credentials after your initial seller account was suspended is a Cardinal Sin in Amazon’s eyes.


Actually I’m going to disagree with you somewhat on that. I believe that you believe this but many or most companies who sell here are living (or dying)
off their sales and you can’t tell me that a percentage of these companies are not actually re-starts with different and some, most or all different personnel because of mismanagement, stupidity or even (usually and sadly) criminal activity within. If a brand is salvageable, people will want to try to save it. Everywhere I’ve ever worked people have done this or…the company was merged into another (not necessarily a bigger one). I’m not trying to be rude but you are possibly living in the vacuum of your own business. If that is so then I tip my hat to you because it can be very rough in here. I wish you a stellar sales year!


You are speaking from a logical perspective, and many people (myself included) believe that after a significant period of time someone should get another chance, even if it means Amazon has a form that those who try again have to read and training videos they must watch but as it stands there is no such program. The things being said aren’t opinions here though, Amazon really does have this as set in stone policy. You get suspended or even close your own account and you are done on Amazon, permanently. Is it right or fair? Doesn’t matter-its Amazons playground their rules. Amazon has granted permission to open a new account on occasion but that’s the only way to get a new account without violating Amazons tos. If the op just opened a new account without getting permission it’d be viewed as circumventing tos, so wether it’s logical or legal or fair is irrelevant, it’s Amazons contractual rule that’s the issue with what you are suggesting. People do a lot of things all the time … It doesn’t mean it doesn’t violate the rules.


Thank you. And you are right about me being in a tiny (micro, in fact) bubble of my own business: I’m an artisan in Handmade.

But I discovered the General forums in January 2016 and began reading them daily, beginning with the jewelry suspension threads, then when I read every post in those, I proceeded on to reading all of the suspension threads.

I still read the General forums every day. Handmade has its own forum, but it’s here that you get the best idea of the platform’s culture, and of what Amazon most values, and expects.

How many thousands of threads in that time have been posted here by unhappy former sellers who lost their selling privileges because they did exactly what you recommended OP should do?

I don’t know. Do a forum search for “suspended” and “another account”.

Could someone get away with it? All I know is that Amazon’s got mad skills, like NSA-level skills, and yes they do deploy them because Amazon prioritizes that particular TOS violation.

Hope you never need to find out through personal experience. :four_leaf_clover:


Yep,I was so stupidly forgetting this one,I had no purchase invoice for these products,I should have listed these as Used instead of New items.I can not wait six months,have had my POA updated and reopened the case,waiting for seller performance team review it and response…


I will not do this,new account would be probably blocked because of the same reason that amazon won’t provide


sell on another plat form and move on.


Sure thing,but amazon is my first choice as it’s relatively more fair to seller with small business