How to print FEDEX labels from Amazon Shipping?


Just getting our feet wet in SFP

When using Amazon Shipping, the UPS and USPS labels print fine ( using print connect ) but FEDEX label prints too large.

I am aware of usins PDF printer for the interim and then send the label from the PDF document to Zebra or Dymo printers but that is waaaay too many clicks to be efficient.

Does anyone have a solution?

We have our Fedex Account Linked to Amazon Shipping. Do we have to use Amazon Shipping interface (seller Central) to generate the Fedex Labels for SFP or can we use our shipping software to print the Fedex labels for SFP shipments?


Join the club. This has been an issue for years with the thermal printer. Amazon doesn’t care. I changed my Amazon Print Connect printer to my HP printer with 8.5" X 11" paper. It’s huge. But all the info is there. I don’t have a choice but to do it this way. I hope the customer doesn’t get mad. It would be nice if I could see a preview before it prints. I’d pop it in an art program and resize it, then print. But nope, it just goes right to the printer.


I have found that if you use the “Batch” printing option (even if you only need one label) in Amazon then it will print correctly on my thermal printer. (Zebra model GX430t)


It is really annoying. That is the only way I could get it to work is to use the PDF Print to create a PDF label and then print that.


Thanks…I didn’t even think to do it to a PDF. I then pick my Zebra printer that’s set for 4 X 6 labels and it’s perfect.


Thank you for that idea, will try the batch option and see if that will shorten the process.


Depends on what your shipping software is. Many if not most can do SFP, maybe with an extra cost.

We use AZ Buy Shipping and print connect. Prints everything just fine to our Zebra. We do have to watch that it stays on ZPL and doesn’t change to PNG. Not sure if it changes because we look at Buy Shipping from machines that do not have print connect or not.


I really appreciate the help - thank you!

We have ShipWorks software that charges extra and also Teapplix, that does not charge extra for that generating Amazon Shipping / Amazon Postage. I will give Teapplix a test drive on generating SFP labels, we have been using Teapplix for Amazon postage for non prime shipments.since they do not charge extra. I just was not sure if SFP had to be restricted to using Seller Central based Amazon Shipping.

I tried the ZPL mode on Fedex labels to our Zebra directly from Amazon Shipping but it did not make any difference. I will also give that another try.


Hello . I havent been really active on these forums for the longest time. But I want to share my experience with Teapplix.

It will be mostly positive and No we are not getting paid for this !

So we sell on 5 different Amazon accounts , 3 Walmart Accounts, eBay, 2 Websites carts, Newegg, Jet and one or two other.

1- Multi channel Inventory Management : It is not real time and based on the marketplaces lag (sync time) you might see some discrepancy in your inventory but that can be handled by “reserve inventory” - keep a few in the side !

2- Walmart and Jet Listing : Create Walmart or jet listings in 2 sec ! simply with one click. the system makes a copy of your listing in the new marketplace. Will save you almost 30 min per SKU per Marketplace ! (I sell over 4000 units on Walmart and I am new so I know).

3- Amazon SFP + FedEx One Rate : This is new ! and it is preset ! click . print ! have more questions ask me. (@JwsMarket : Thank You . I read all of your comments and it helped me alot).

4- Multi Amazon Account : As mentioned we have multiple Amazon Accounts so we pay for one membership but use it for multiple Amazon accounts !

5- Support : Their support is real . No tickets not stupid time consuming stuff ! email them (specially Sophie) and they will answer usually in 20 to 30 min ! I am sure you can wait that much

6- Pricing : if you are not that active then yes ! it wont make sense but if you are shipping 15 20 packages a day ! then it does make sense.

7 Quickbooks : I dont use it now (because I fired my bookkeeper) but it is cool feature.

Cons : Real time inventory Sync .

Look : It looks old but it works man ! and it is not Old (my assistant called it once) it is functional just like a cockpit . No BS ! just functionality.

“My name is Arin and I approve this message” lol


ZPL did not work.

But, my shipping manager discovered sort of shortcut.

We turned off the Amazon Print Connect. Then the first label Fedex label fails, then we reprint it and fronm that point on ( with Amazon Print Connect shut down ) the rest of Fedex printing works fine using the browser pop up window. Saves significant amount of clicks.


Tried the batch print, but when I scan in the order number, it pulls up the specific order, I could not figure out how to do a batch print.if we want a specific order… aside from pulling the orders by ASIN, which case it serves result with too many orders. We customize each order/ASIN differently so I can only call out a single order at a time to print the correct shipping label.

Any ideas how I can try to get batch print based on scanning an order number?

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