How to print 4x6 shipping labels for packages to FBA


Great tip! I didn’t know that Acrobat Reader had that function. I did a test print, and it worked. One caveat is that it looks like the 2D barcode may not be usable.

The regular 1D barcode scanned with no problem. Maybe Amazon doesn’t care, as long as the regular barcode works?


@KRADL1 is the method we use. I originally got it from @Lake I have been intending to do some screen captures and a tutorial on how to do it and post it here. Just not enough time.

You can set the label to auto rotate and resize, it will save time since the UPS labels need to be shrunk a little and the Amazon barcode needs to be printed at 100%

To solve the problem you are having now, be sure your Zebra is not set to grayscale. That will cause the dithering.

Being Yankee Frugal, I am not going to pay a third party for something I can figure out on my own, with the help from an Ace.


It already was not set to grayscale. But you jogged my memory. I had forgotten to turn off dithering. I always forget to turn off dithering.

This looks good now!!


are you using the advanced settings on your print popup page to select the proper label sizes? if you just hit print it is likely just using best fit on the current paper selection.


if you select your dymo printer you can then use advanced settings to choose a specific label template.


I would also recommend AMZ labels.

Although it’s a monthly fee service it’s well worth it in just the time savings.

We use a zebra for the 4x6 shipping labels and then the DYMO for the FBA product labels.


The labels for shipping to a fulfillment center are each 4 x 6 inches. One for UPS, the other for Amazon. Amazon has it formatted to one letter size sheet. Maybe they feel it is more convenient, or less prone to error, if it is on one sheet? Printed from that file, it would be too small on a single 4 x 6 label. If you do not want to print it letter sized, then you have to split it up manually. @KRADL1 has provided the simpler solution for how to do this.



I just use the regular laser printer ASIN B016CV8124


In the PDF viewer use the “Take a Snapshot tool” of one of your 4x6 labels on the full sheet. When selected, use Print and select “Print Selected” I use this on those full sized sheets and it prints 4x6 fine


Anyone else have issues with the 4x6 labels printing a little blurry after being converted?


You do need to use a laser printer not inkjet printer. Laser print will stand up to weather, inkjet print will run and blur. That may be why the person was saying don’t use regular paper. Thermal labels are designed to hold up under all weather conditions.


Where did I say to use an inkjet printer? In fact I think I said the opposite. However, when I first started selling I only had an inkjet and used it all the time with no problem. Really, how often to you need to send weatherproof packages? :thinking: Laser printing on plain paper is actually plastic bonded to the paper – it isn’t going to run.

Should I start attaching flotation devices to my shipments in case there is a flood? What about zombie apocalypse? Should I start packaging for that just in case? Sometimes you can get caught up in too much detail.


sorry, the replay was intended for snugahug, the OP. But as far as weatherproof labels, I am in Louisiana and the humidity here at times will make inkjet labels run, even ball point ink will run on labels. We have even had boxes get delivered to our warehouse from UPS, fedex and DHL where the box just feels damp because the cardboard has absorbed enough humidity that it is moist.

Thanks what happens in the south.


fantastic, thank you.


Not sure if this has been answered as I didn’t read all the posts. I just started shipping to Amazon and this popped up on my seller central. This is what I did on my last 2 shipments and it worked great.

I used snip to take a screenshot of the shipping label and then pasted it into a word document formatted for 4x6. Then I clicked print and sent it to my Zebra thermal printer. I did the same for the other label that comes with it. There were no issues with either of my shipments.

hope that helps.


IIRC (someone Funky maybe?) had a step by step how to do it on a Zebra but I no longer have the post bookmarked, but printing off on an 8x11 page and then just using clear tape over the paperwork has worked fine for us.