How to print 4x6 shipping labels for packages to FBA



I have a Zebra thermal printer that prints 4x6. When I purchased UPS labels for my package to ship to, I get a 1 page PDF. Half the page is UPS label, the other half is Amazon label. I couldn’t figure out how to print this PDF on the thermal printer and ended up printing on regular paper with my laser printer. I just found from another thread that this is not recommended. It’s too late for my first shipment to FBA, but would like to know for future shipments.

So how do I print this PDF page on and split it to two 4x6?


I’m not sure if this will solve your problem exactly. We print Fedex labels, which are formatted for full 8.5x11 inch sheets. And we use a Dymo 4XL printer.

  • Select printer and 4x6 label as the paper selection in Adobe Reader
  • Select print mode = Poster
  • Set size to 70%

That gets all of the important parts of the labels printed (barcodes, etc). Hopefully this will work for you.


Thanks for your reply. When I purchased the UPS shipping labels to send to FBA, I get 2 labels (1 UPS label and 1 Amazon label) combined in 1 letter sized PDF. Scaling it to fit 4x6 would make both labels too small.
Perhaps there’s a setting somewhere before having the labels generated?


Why would anyone say that printing labels on 8.5 x 11 inch paper is not recommended? I have done it for years. An 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper with both Amazon and UPS labels on it, plus a can of spray glue, is by far the easiest and most efficient way to label shipments I have found.

Don’t worry about using plain paper labels to ship. There is absolutely no issue with it.


I think it’s not recommended just because if the label is exposed to rain the barcodes can easily run and become not readable due to the water-based inkjet ink. Also, we use our 4x6 label printer for FBM product shipping so it is quick convenient for us to use for FBA as well, and no spray glue required. But everyone can do their own thing - for us the 4x6 labels work best.


I suspect it’s pretty rare for a Fedex or UPS box going to Amazon to get wet. And laser printer toner doesn’t run anyway. Inkjets are definitely not recommended, and rightly so.


Buy Adobe Acrobat or subscribe to ListLabelShip/ClickAndLabel.


I would prefer to use my thermal printer because it would be a lot more convenient. Peel and stick, but if it doesn’t work then laser printer it is.


It is not possible without buying or subscribing to a software package. ClickAndLabel is $5 a month and handles item labels plus FBA postage and carton labels. You can use Adobe Acrobat DC to edit the PDFs that generate from FBA shipments to convert them to 4x6 size. Cost is $12.99/month.


Um - no. It is possible as I’ve explained my process above. You just have to get creative with the print settings.


You sir are a genius. Thank you for this tip as I have been searching everywhere for months looking for a solution.


I have not tried this yet but planning to this week…

Amazon FBA Shipping Label Printer by oCustomize (PC):

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Change paper size to 4x6 and reduce to 58% it will print both labels on the same page, the letters are a little small, but Fedex have never complain about it.
Hope this helps


Printing for shipping FBM products works fine for me. Just print 4x6 on my Eltron thermal printer. It did take some tweaking of the printer settings to get it to be just right, and it still wastes a label where it wants to print the path/filename and date. I may be able to find a place to suppress that, but I haven’t taken the time.

Shipping to fulfillment center is a more difficult label. I still print on the Eltron thermal printer. To do it takes some effort. I open the PDF in Inkscape, cut and past the shipping label onto a 4x6 blank template, save as a PDF, and do the same thing for the Amazon label. Then open each label with Acrobat Reader to print. It’s not ideal, but I don’t want to buy label material for my laserjet.

Maybe what RedWing does with the spray glue would be a better method. But for the small number of labels I need to make for FBA, what I am doing works OK.


We have a Dymo LabelWriter 4XL, and use AMZ Labels.

You can print an unlimited number of Shipping and Box Labels for $4.95 a month. You can try them free for 30-days.



We use an Avery label purchased from Staples. It goes in a regular printer and is 8.5 by 11 with 2 labels per page.

Peel and place.

Short and sweet.


I made it a bit shorter and sweeter by switching from half-page labels to a full-page label. Cost is about the same, but you only have to peel and stick one label. If you are going to stick with half-page labels, you may as well get the free ones from UPS.

(I use generic labels I buy in bulk online. Cheaper than name brand, but not the super-cheap/low-quality.)


True, but we do not ship UPS. They cost a lot more than Fed Ex.


The easiest way to print FBA labels on a Zebra printer is:

Open the PDF File
Go to Edit then Take a Snapshot
Drag the box over what you want to print, either the Amazon FBA label or the UPS shipping label
Right click and press Print
Choose the Zebra printer
Make sure Fit is chosen in Size Options
Make sure Auto Portrait/Landscape is chosen in Orientation


OMG thank you!

Such a simple effective solution, I have been struggling with this for a very long time.