How to offer Free Shipping


I want to offer free shipping for one of my products. However I can not find anywhere that I can change any settings. The Help, was no help. I don’t have any areas where I can find to edit my shipping rates. Or anything that I can find.


You will need to create a shipping template and assign that product to that shipping template.


Just change the shipping settings yourself. You have to go through the pricing and manually put in $0.00 on each shipping template, domestic, hawaii, Alaska etc.


Only Professional seller have access to change Shipping settings. Are you a pro seller?


Ah, probably not. Ok thanks that helps why I cant find the options.


Careful, in the future don’t give out personal info. You might want to delete this part of your post.


Uh, before you offer FREE SHIPPING, consider the following:

You have to tack on the price of “free shipping” to the list price.

When the Amazon buyer makes a discretionary return (“No longer needed,” etc.), you’re basically screwed. You’ve paid for the cost of shipping and you can’t recoup it. True, you can charge a restocking fee, at the risk of getting negative feedback, but even so your restocking fee is often inadequate, especially if you’re selling cheap stuff, and let’s face it, Amazon is the marketplace of cheap stuff.

In some states, you pay sales tax on the list price of goods, not including shipping, so if you incorporate your shipping fees in the list price, you’re increasing your sales tax liability.

Free shipping is a lie, and doesn’t make business sense.


Disagree 180°


The last time I saw you posting here, bookwormapril, you were complaining about bad sales, so I can only extrapolate that your FREE SHIPPING scam is not benefiting your business to any great extent.


Since I have not posted about bad sales EVEN ONE SINGLE time I can only conclude you have me mixed up with someone else.

Nor do I appreciate the scam label.

You may not wish to embrace free shipping, nor do I ever urge it upon anyone.

But it is not a scam. It is not necessarily a bad business decision.


No, it was definitely you, complaining about slow sales roughly a month ago.


I may have stated that I am a low volume seller, and as such a single ding is painful.

But I have never complained about slow sales. Not on this board, nor on any other.


Well, I certainly didn’t mean to impugn you on an individual level, but I stick to my guns:


There is no such thing as FREE SHIPPING.


If you are paying $39.99 per month, then you are on the professional account.

If you have no monthly fee and pay 99¢ per sale (plus other fees), then you are on the individual plan.

Sellers on the individual plan are stuck with the Amazon shipping charge that is only sometimes adequate to cover costs.


By what possible definition can you call free shipping a “scam”? It’s a marketing tool, just like pricing things at $x.99. It creates a perception for the buyer that they are getting more value for their money than they otherwise would. But good grief, that’s not a “scam” -

a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; swindle.

verb (used with object), scammed, scam·ming.
to cheat or defraud with a scam.

No one is swindling a buyer by creating a perception of value or desirability, any more than they are swindling them by using positive adjectives to describe the product or hiring a celebrity to promote it. It’s all about presenting the product to the consumer in a manner that they will find desirable so they will want to buy it.

There is no such thing as FREE SHIPPING.

Of course there’s not, someone has to pay someone to do the work of transporting the purchase to the buyer. But to say it doesn’t make business sense, is silly. It can make a lot of business sense, depending on its usage.

I believe you’ve mixed up @bookwormapril with someone else, she never complains about slow sales, you must be thinking about a different user.


OK, so there are dealers with two accounts, one with FREE SHIPPING (let’s say $4.00 plus FREE SHIPPING). And the other account charges $0.01 plus $3.99 for shipping.

Do these dealers REALLY believe they are kidding anyone?

I feel no compunction in referring to them as SCAM artists.

There’s no free lunch. You ship a commodity to a customer, and it costs money, whether you’re shipping via USPS, UPS, FedEx, whatever.

The only person you’re kidding, when you offer FREE SHIPPING, is yourself.

And you’re doing yourself a disservice when the pieces bounce back, because the address isn’t recognized, is undeliverable, refused, “customer no longer wants/needs item.” You can’t recoup the cost of shipping if you include the shipping cost in your list price. It’s bad business from a seller’s perspective.

There’s no such thing as FREE SHIPPING.

And that’s all there is to it. Simple, really.


So we can assume you never, ever order anything with free shipping.


OK, I started off giving you the benefit of the doubt, but you seem determined to take an overly simplistic and non-businesslike point of view on this. You’re entitled to your opinion, so keep on believing as you like.


No, I’d rather pay a little extra for the seller who is honest and is charging for shipping, if the price differential is not too great.

Anyone offering FREE SHIPPING casts a pall of suspicion over their listings…

Then again, I might just want to order from them, sadistically, to look for the smallest infraction, the slightest discrepancy in their description, so I can return the item, and damage their business. Happens all the time.


I suspect you will get nowhere pursuing this conversation with him, as he seems unable to grasp the concept of perceived value, or unwilling to admit that he does. Either that or he just likes to argue. In either case, let him charge his shipping fee, and let him be happy believing that the rest of us are fools. :grin: