How to offer free shipping with FBM?



I recently listed my first item, and was wondering if anyone can tell me how I can offer free shipping (Domestic US) on my product? It is a fairly small lightweight item, that i know I can ship for reasonably cheap when using USPS First class.

During the listing process, I did not see a checkbox that allowed for free shipping; is this not possible when using FBM?

Thank you


Shipping is set in your shipping settings.

Create a new template call it “FREE” enter zero into all the values & save.
Now go to your listing in Inventory Management, EDIT it.

Go to the Offer tab & Scroll down to the field named: Shipping-Template.
Select “FREE” & click SAVE button on the bottom.

You can set this as your default template if you want to then any new item you add will automatically be assigned the FREE template.


Just to add to SUNDANCE’s post, this option is only available if your on the Professional Seller plan (paying the $39.99 monthly subscription fee). If your on the Individual Seller plan, then you cannot modify your shipping costs.

You can learn about the differences between the two selling plans here to see if this is something you want to upgrade to:

  • [Selling plans|]



Thanks for the quick reply- when I go to my shipping settings I do not see anywhere that I have the option to create a new template.

And when I go to the listing, under EDIT and then OFFER- i do not see anywhere to select a shipping template. The only thing I see is SHIPPING OPTIONS:

See attached screenshot… Am I missing something or does this have to do with my type of listing perhaps?


Ahh- that explains it then. I am on the Individual selling plan.


SUNDANCE… thanks for the clear concise step by step answer.

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