How to make your brand restricted



How can I get my own brand restricted on amazon? I am the manufacture of my own product that i have created and registered with Amazon brand registry.

I do sell my product to stores, but I find my self competing in price with other sellers of my own product!
They are buying them in the stores I sell to and sending them in FBA.

Why is it I can’t sell Dewalt, Disney, etc… or other famous products because they are restricted.

How do I make my own product the same way??


@northstar731 I believe this is done through the brand registry portal.


If someone is using your brand without your permission, contact Seller Support and report a violation.


You cannot stop someone with your product from selling. I sell Disney. You can sell Disney. You just need ungated.

If they have your products, they can sell them. You can do a test buy to see if they are your products.


So how can I make my brand gated?

I walked into Lowe’s the other day and bought a Dewalt sander on clearance. I got home and scanned it to send in FBA and it said this product is restricted you need to get permission from Dewalt to sell this product. I took a picture of my sales receipt and they still denied me.

I want to have this same feature with my own brand that I am selling. Shouldn’t other sellers have to get permission from me to sell my brand? So I can verify they are one of my authorized resellers.

I called amazon and looked on the brand registry page and no one has an answer.


Look into the Transparency program.


@northstar731 and why Dewalt restricts its items.Lowe’s is not a distributor, they are a retailer. If you are purchasing products from Dewalt of an Authorized Distributor then you could get permission.


I don’t think the Transparency program would help the OP. Transparency codes are required on all units you manufacturer, not just the ones you sell on Amazon.


Just having product with the Transparency label affixed isn’t enough to upload a product to Amazon.


You need project zero Self-service counterfeit removal to do that.