How to have same sku fulfilled with both FBA and FBM?


Hope to sell goods with 2 shipping options - FBA and FBM. As far as i knew, it is possible by using adding a product one by one…it is too slow…

Is there any method to upload all the skus in bulk?

Thanks in advance!


You can sell both FBA and FBM but they will need separate “skus”.

You can do it individually or via upload.


Thank you for sharing your experience. By the way, how can i do it via upload? I tried it with the template of priceinventory_b2b but it was failed.

Thanks in advance.


You need to create the new SKU for the FBA.

Use inventoryloader, instead of priceinventory, because the later one is only for existed skus.


Hello Forum, we need to know how to go to FBM after selling FBA.
Is it just a matter of creating a new SKU and doing FBM?

Thank you


You can change the fulfillment method back and forth using inventory management for either-or fulfillment.

Or …

you can create a new sku with the alternate fulfillment method