How to give someone free product since 100% Off coupon is not allowed?


For one of my new products I ran a contest with 25 winners each winning the product. I need to send each of them one of my products. All of my inventory is in FBA. I was planning to issue a coupon for 100% off to the winner but now I realize that’s a bad idea, and actually not n option anyway.

So the question is how do I give this to someone? I need them to be able to order it for free and have free shipping as well. Are there multiple ways to accomplish what I need to do?

Also, is there a way to do it so that each person is counted as a verified purchaser just in case any of them leave a review?

I’m sure there’s a really simple solution but I’m not seeing it.

Thanks in advance!



You can create a promotion and you can give them a code that they can use upon checkout once they add the product in their cart.


the OP wants them to be Amazon-verified purchases for review purposes.


if nothing else works, your last resort is to explain to your buyers that they will have to make the purchase, then you will immediately issue a refund, although doing 25 refunds might raise amazon’s eyebrows a bit ( depends on your sales volume ) .


The promotion code was what I was wanting to do originally. However, Amazon will not allow me to create a coupon with 100% off. It requires you enter a percentage between 1% and 99%.

Also, I don’t see how to combine a coupon for % off with another promotion for free shipping because I need to cover shipping too.


Just give them a coupon for 99% off and send them a gift card code via email for the other 1% plus shipping. Or a snail mail gift card. That way the purchase will count as Amazon-verified. If I was a customer who just won a free product, I would not be too put off by having to pay 1% plus shipping up front.


Um, if you don’t have inventory on hand, why don’t you recall 25 units then self-ship?


There’s a much easier way to do this than the suggestions above.

Inventory->Manage FBA Inventory.

Just above the list of your FBA items, there is a dropdown. The default in this dropdown is Send/Replenish Inventory. Drop it down and click “Create Fulfillment Order.” Hit Go.

This brings you to a page that is mainly used for Multi-Channel Fulfillment (i.e. you sell something in a different channel but pay FBA to send it on your behalf). It will deduct the fulfillment charges from your balance (the total amount is shown before the order is complete). There is no payment required from the customer using this interface.

This should solve your problem.


Do you know if this will count as a verified purchase for that person even though they will not be signing into an amazon account or placing an order themselves?

My hope is that if I enter an email address for them and it’s the same as the one they have on file for their amazon account then it will connect their account to the purchase so it can be tagged as verified purchase.



MCF will not count as Amazon Verified Purchase.

About the only thing I can think of is either Purchase then refund or send them an Amazon Gift Card for the amount and hope they actually buy your product. Neither is perfect.

Sometimes you need to analyze things ALL the way through before executing an idea.


I’m not.


the only issue is most buyers are well stupid and dont use their brains that often…


Thanks for the reply. I had thought everything about the contest through… except the delivery of the product because I figured giving away product for any number of reasons was probably not uncommon and so there’d be an easy way to do it.

Anyway, sounds like a multi-channel FBA fulfillment order is the way to go. Just won’t get the verified purchase tag.


Well it looks like this is the way to go. No verified purchase status but at least it gets out to them.

Thanks for the help.


You can’t run a promotion like that unless you make it open to everyone for free.

That means anyone that says they want to enter.

There must be a “no purchase necessary” method to enter, either by mail or email.

You are running a raffle. That’s illegal. Consult your attorney.

Look on any Mcdonalds promotion gamecard, there will be an address where you can enter the contest without making a purchase.

But its Amazon where you can buy “Beats by Dre” headphones for $29.99 so I don’t think it really matters.


the only issue is most buyers are well stupid and dont use their brains that often…


I don’t know if this is a legit way to do it but here is an idea (I never tried) but you can have them purchase it at full price and once they write the review you can issue them an Amazon gift card delivered electronically as a “gift”

does anyone see a problem with amazon doing this?

the way I would personally do it, I would have them to go to my facebook page and post the review they did on amazon on my facebook page and then I would send them a prepaid visa card of the amount or an amazon gift card that covers all their purchase, you are giving away products for free and you are going to be losing money anyway so why not have them do some work in promoting your business?

that if I chose to, but I don’t see the need to do so, as reviews and sales build overtime on amazon and there is no need to give product away for free, if you are selling products that truly speaks for it self.


oh I see, nice way to promote your brand, you should consider google pay per click, set up a website that direct people to amazon, advertise it on google for your keywords and you might be able to get a kickback from amazon for the traffic you are directing to their site, even if these people ended up buying something else than your product, I’m actually considering to do that.

As for product reviews, I personally think that sellers give them more weight than they actually have, if the product is in demand priced well and does exactly what its suppose to be doing, sales and reviews will come over time.


Actually, this very thing is against Amazon policy. You can’t reward people who leave you a product review or feedback in any way.

At one time we wanted to have a giveaway to all customers who left reviews for our products (good or bad reviews) wherein once per month, we would enter everyone who did and give one a $100 Amazon gift card. We called Amazon to inquire if this broke any rules and they made no mistake in letting us know that this was against Amazon policy and would be considered a violation. Communicating about any kind of quid pro quo with a customer on Amazon is also considered a policy violation.

Be careful about how you approach this “giveaway,” especially if the goal is to get product reviews. Be careful about any communication about said giveaway that happens within Amazon’s UI.


For our purposes the giveaway was not about getting reviews, though we won’t turn them down, but was more about simply introducing a brand new product for our brand. So brand awareness and general getting the word out about the product. We’re not asking for reviews to enter or in exchange for a free product.

As far as the contest goes, we run all that stuff by our lawyer, but what we failed to consider was the amazon issues of getting the winners their stuff.

MCF seems the way to go. And any of the schemes I hear about how to possible get credit as a verified purchase just all seem sketchy and either would risk reputation for the brand by having a weird or suspect process and/or you risk ending up in the doghouse for trying to do an end run around the rules.

Doesn’t seem worth it to risk my business like that.

Thanks everyone for the feedback and help.