How to get fake competitor negative reviews removed & stop them from contin


We have competitive sellers leaving constant manipulative negative reviews for our FBA items. They still are leaving negative reviews every day. This was reported to seller support. Seller support called and confirmed that the one example I provided showed 20 connected negative reviews from same single manipulating seller. I provided evidence to SS on this competitive seller, which they re-confirmed. I know this seller uses multiple accounts and anticipate triple this in total fake negative reviews. This has destroyed our item ranking, increased refunds, increased customer service issues and complaints as customers read the manipulating negative reviews post purchase. This also resulted even in item suspensions and account suspension as this seller not only did dozens of negative reviews but also negative feed backs complaining about the item, when this was yet another attempt to destroy his competition.

Our report to SS was 2 days ago, nothing has happened yet. Moreover, the link SS provided to report a violation is not working . This too was reported, but nothing yet on that either. Is there a direct email for us to use to report policy violation?

What next steps would you recommend? Has anyone had similar experience and can share their suggestions? Thanks!

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We had a competitor leave multiple negative reviews, feedback, and AZ claims. We showed supporting evidence in response to claim, and claim was denied. Feedbacks were removed, but it took months of multiple requests and cases to get the reviews removed. There is still a few lingering reviews, but most were taken down. Every time we requested removal, we received the stock response from the Communities team stating they encourage honest reviews, the reviews didn’t violate guidelines, blah blah blah . . . At some point, after dozens of cases and responses, it reached the hands of someone who actually looked at our evidence and removed the reviews.

Stay diligent and Good luck


Any short cuts vs. “it took months of multiple requests and cases to get the reviews removed”. I’m afraid this sort of process would be very costly to us, would take too long and likely be too cumbersome. Any chances this can get resolved quickly?


Open cases, document proof. Then go to each review and “report abuse” and state it is a competitor which violates community guidelines, and reference the Case ID stating proof is in the case.


We’ve had similar problems in the past - how do you prove that it’s a competitor posting the negative reviews?

It seems crazy that you don’t have to have placed an order through Amazon in order to leave a product review.

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If you click on the name of the reviewer and look at their Amazon profile, even if the screen name is “Anonymous,” or “Amazon Customer,” many times they have a wish list. IF you click on the wish list, it will usually show their name and sometimes their city. In our cases, the reviewers did purchase from us, so we were able to match the name to the order, to the address, and using Google and Facebook, were able to take screenshots of their relation to the competitor.


Thanks - that helped us find the actual order.


Thanks so much for your suggestions. At least I have somewhere to start with your guidance. So far I have not seen anything come through to repair the damage done to our listings, after reporting these issues. So far nothing has been done to correct these problems.


Thanks so much for your feedback and suggestions. Here’s an update:

So far after multiple cases, a phone call, and now continued new daily negative feedback and negative reviews, Amazon has done Nothing! Amazon has not corrected a thing.
And it clearly seems that the department with ability to fix this, has not cared to attempt to correct this.

Who can we email next, what is best direct email address for same? While SS confirmed issues, saw the manipulation, saw this impacted dozens of reviews and concurred with us, nothing has happened after multiple cases and reports of violating policy.


>…SS confirmed issues, saw the manipulation, saw this impacted dozens of reviews and concurred with us…

Have you considered that SS might be lying to you?

A lazy SS rep might take the path of least resistance and pretend to agree with you. Then, once you are off the phone, they delete the info and go on to their next customer. This way they keep their metrics high.

Do you have anything in writing from SS that says that they agree with you?


Status for case shows “Pending Amazon Action”

This is what SS responded with in writing after 2nd case reported:

Dear Seller,

Thank you for writing to Seller Support.

I understand your concern about the Negative reviews for the ASIN’s _________ and ___________

Please know that I have contacted the concern team in this regard and they have engaged their technicians to research the issue on which the investigations are on.

We will be sure to update you on the progress of these investigations as soon as we have additional information.

Thank you in advance for your patience.

Thank you for selling with Amazon,


This is not agreeing with you.
This is someone with a tiny grasp of enlish.
My favoite is the comment “concern team”.
I think that this SS agent formerly worked for ebay or still does.
That is their favorite word when they have no idea what you are saying.
They just say “concern” over and over again.
Now this one named a team after it.


During phone call SS rep clearly stated they detected dozens of bogus manipulating seller reviews. But with no action thus far I’ll reach out to SS again today with new case and ask for information in writing. Also, in initial case I received email with text:

"Additionally, as we discussed, the other seller is violating the community rules of selling on Amazon platform, you can go ahead and report a violation regarding this seller.

To report this possible violation to our investigations team, select “Report a violation of our rules” on the Contact Us form and enter the details:

Please be sure to include the following information, as applicable:

  • The ASIN/ISBN of the item’s detail page and the product title
  • The store or business name of the seller you are reporting
  • Your order ID [include this if appropriate]
  • A concise explanation of the violation

All reports are thoroughly investigated by our investigations team. For privacy reasons, the results of our investigations cannot be disclosed; however, disciplinary actions will be taken as appropriate.

For reference, please click on the links below for more reference on this topic:

Customer Product Reviews
Answers to Questions about Product Reviews

I hope that this was able to help you regarding this matter. For any clarifications and further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us back and we will gladly attend to your concern.

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