How to get all the settlements reports via mws api


We are developing an mws application and we need to have the settlement reports (for getting fees and etc) for the user but we cannot request the settlement report as only amazon can schedule it.

Problem is that I want to access the older settlement reports generated by amazon and they are not Present in GetReportList. How can I achieve this ? Moreover if we get this data from Finance API, it is also just 18 months old.

What is the way around to get all the financial transaction of any account that registers on our application?


When I call GetReportList I see the following available reports.


It looks like they may only be available for 90 days though. Not sure how to get older ones.


I think people here don’t have the idea about this.


As you stated this is a report that Amazon schedules and maintains. People here are doing their best in order to provide any type of help. Most people here don’t get paid for doing this.


You can get request older settlement reports via the reports->payments “all statements” tab on seller central. It is not common to need programmatic access to years of financial transaction histories.


You have to manually request archived ones from the front end. No way to do that via API at least we haven’t discovered a method.
They archive them 3 month after closing. Used to be longer. It’s not hard to keep copies on the server as you go,. But if you need historical data - you have to go in and request it manually.