How to get a MWS Full Access?


Hello Everyone!!

We are having a Developer ID but we are assigned with General Role and not able to get the PII in the List Order and other Order API.

Can you please help.


Read this Developer FAQ:

You need to request PII access from Amazon after confirming your computing environment meets the requirements…

David Nelson
Dynamic Enterprise Technologies Inc
Seattle Washington USA


Were you able to get PII access? If so what did you do for them to grant you access?


I submitted my application in Feb of 2019 and finally got approved last month, 16 months later! It was a very long wait. I think what happened is I went mostly through the process including filling out an Excel sheet, then they changed the process somewhat, then I was later asked to fill out the new web form from the beginning. As my app is integration with a certain ERP system, it may be they researched the ERP before giving approval.

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