How to generate more sales




No secret-give good service and people start noticing.A good seller will get more sales over a seller who doesn’t care about customer.
Additionally,you cannot be over-priced compared to similar items.Keep the price competitive.


Sell stuff that people want at a good price.


make all of your listings $0.01, and then mark the shipping up to cover costs and make maximum profits.

the customers will never know what hit them!


I used to sell $1000.00 dollars worth of books each month (profit)
I have been selling for 4 years with great feedback
It slowly started going down hill over the years
I’m lucky if I sell $100.00 worth each month
No one is buying like they used to.
All in Kindle or computers.

But don’t give up It might pick up over the Summer and Holiday season

Good luck

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I have been selling for about 4 years on Amazon. I would like to say that quality and service matter to a degree but if you want volume the price is king. PRICE PRICE PRICE. Across Amazon you will see that the cheapest price wins the volume. Service and quality are second fiddle though they will snag a sale here and there.



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THEN-- If you only offer a few products you will have a few sales. If the US market for your item is a total of 1 million buyers and Amazon gets 20% of the audience you have 200,000 POTENTIAL customers. If 10% buy you will have 20,000 sales.

If the number of potential buyers is much less then you have fewer sales.

I started with about 30 products on here my first few months. I now have over 5500 with about 5200 active at all times. I try to keep the Out Of Stocks (OOS) under 5% of my listings but rarely succeed due to the size of orders I have to place for Max Discounts with suppliers.

The more products, the more sales.

We are not dealing with rocket science here.

As to price–yes, it is important but with good feedback and service you do NOT have to be the low cost, el-cheapo seller.

I actively try to avoid being the low price guy unless there are only a couple sellers (unique products are WONDERFUL) and the other sellers are totally gouging buyers.

Because buyers THINK that Amazon ALWAYS has the best prices you can charge quite a bit more than normal in many cases and still get sales.



Price is king if you sell commodities.

If you want to make money on everything you sell, sell items which are different and appeal to a well defined and adequately sized niche of buyers.



I consistently have the lowest price but I rarely win the buy box anymore due to no free shipping. Amazon changed their algo in December to put massive weight into free shipping to win the buy box, and my business has suffered terribly because of it. So offer the lowest price and free shipping, and you’ll get tons of volume.


Find good product at a good price…

…and then DROP the price 20%

Here is a real tip: Sell something different from everyone else.

Typical seller on amazon comes here thinking they can just sell the same darn iphone case or apple ipads and someone make free money. You can’t…it’s not happening. Everyone else is already doing it…there isn’t enough pizza pie left over.

Sell something you make. Manufacture your own goods. Stop REselling and start SELLING.


I’m sorry, but that’s simply not true in today’s online marketplace.

Facts point other directions…as alluded too PRICE is king. Much as location in real-estate, price is all that customers care about at the end of the day.

Nobody can search amazon’s listings by “customer service”…


Get your own products. Register your brand to keep others off your listings. If it’s worth applying for a trademark for added protection, do that. I only did this last year; it isn’t always necessary. I cater to a niche market and do quite well. Always charge what the market will bear. We only need to carry a few hundred items and since they are our own, we can create any kind of bundles, assortments, or gift packs we want. I’m very pleased with the business we’ve built on Amazon in slightly more than a year.


I think your point about catalog size cannot be stressed enough. You can’t sell what you don’t have. Unless you’re the only one selling a super-hot item, there is going to be a limited market. If your average item sells 1 per month and you only have a catalog of 100 items well then you’re only going to sell 100 items per month. On the other hand, if you have a broad catalog of 5000+ items (Such as yourself) then you will sell more.

It almost sounds silly to say “You can’t sell what you don’t have” but for most retail establishments, this is the truth. Look at TArget, how many SKUs are at that place? tens of thousand probably.

Service and support matter to the extent that they keep your metrics high and with high metrics come more sales (via the Amazon search methods). I personally don’t even know who I’m buying from on Amazon so the brand recognition factor is very low.


Well, to be better or to make more dinero, the correct way is to join the FBA (fulfillment by Amazon). There is no way to ship orders more than 20 but FBA can, the easiest way to make much money.


+make all of your listings $0.01, and then mark the shipping up to cover costs and make maximum profits.+

Thank you! Now I know how all those booksellers sell those books for a couple of cents! :wink:

Mystical Rose


For sellers who manufacture and market their own products, it is a different process to get sales and build up a customer base. Sure, your products need to be competitive with other similar products, but even more important is visibility.

A great way to boost your sales is to make sure customers can find your products. Get help from other people by asking them what key words they would use when trying to find what you are selling. Make sure your products will show up in search results for those key words. If not, you need to change your catalog listings to optimize your search results.

Promotions are great, but not very effective is no one knows about them. Make sure you are utilizing social media to help with your branding and marketing.

Create buzz on Twitter with free product giveaways. Even free shipping is a great way to drive sales. Use hashtags to get more exposure like #FreebieFriday which is a really popular one, even when it isn’t Friday. Make sure to include shortened links to that product on Amazon. The more traffic your item gets, the more relevant Amazon will make it in general search results.

Make yourself relevant on Facebook by sharing things like pictures/stories about people using your products, tips on how to be better with whatever your products are about, fun facts about the history of products like yours, etc. More people will follow your business page if they are engaged by your content.

Use Instagram for pictures of your products being made, products in strange or fun places, people/animals with your products, etc. Try to make your products look great, and the pictures fun/cool/unusual.

Good Luck!


To which I would add that diversifying can be crucial if you want repeat buyers. If the other factors folks have been mentioning are in place — good service, reasonable prices — buyers will be willing to buy from you again. But unless you are selling a consumable item, like groceries, they won’t unless you have something else to offer them.

Branch out into as many related items as you can — items that might have some synergy with items that you already sell.


if you sell an item that is basically a commodity, then price is all that matters- pencils are pencils…

however, if you sell a niche product or a used product where QUALITY and condition can vary widely, then price aint the end all- be all…

i have a number of buyers here who will wait weeks or months until I have the item in stock they want/need because they know the used items i sell still have a lot of use left in them and because the buyers are tired of wasting $$$ on inferior similar products…

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