How to find my seller ID?


Where can I find my seller ID?


Go to one of your listings and
mouse over your % feedback link.

Right-click and copy the link location.

Then paste it into a text-edit or email compose.
At the end of the URL will be


The X’s represent an alpha-numeric sequence which identifies the seller.


click Settings on the right corner
Select Account Information
You will see welcome your id and your seller Profile on the left
select Your seller Profile
You will see your id and your storefront link



There are many ways to locate your seller ID in my opinion the easiest way is to:
Click on the HELP tab in the upper right corner.
Search for "Contact Us"
Choose “Selling on Amazon” then “Your Account” followed by "Other Account Issues"
From there you will have a yellow button that says "Chat Now’
Once clicking on that you can ask Amazon directly and they will provide it for you.


Just tried this. Worked great!


This worked! thank you for saving my time.


It’s also under [Seller Central > User Permissions|]

Your Account Information

Developer Access Confirmation You have not enabled Developer Access Confirmation Enable

Easy copy/paste … and this shows you any apps you have authorized to access your data.

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