How to find a Sellers location


Really “our inquiring minds” want to know where a particular seller is located? How many inquiring minds are there that would like to know that information? Seems like some sellers with inquiring minds might need to mind their own business. If a seller wants to make a purchase from another, that’s one thing. But if more than one seller with “inquiring minds” here on this forum wants to know where a particular seller is located, that sounds like stalking to me with questionable intentions.


Login to your Amazon Business Buyer Account.
Click on an item that they sell.
Click on their profile link.
If they have their Business Profile updated, you should be able to find it there.


Is English your first language?


Check the Amazon EU sites - sellers have to provide more info there.
Check if the seller is selling on Ebay.
Check if the seller has registered their seller name as a trademark - that will give you the sellers address (or the address of their lawyer)


The only easy way is that seller he tell you the truth by himself


I don’t know why you’d want to see any Amazon seller in person. If you have any issues, Amazon handles them if you’re straight with them. Seems like a face-to-face with an Amazon seller isn’t exactly a great idea. I’m cool with never knowing a seller’s location, and to be honest, there would be a few scamming customer’s houses blown to bits if I had the inclination to find them. Luckily Amazon grants A-Z claims in my favor if I’m not in the wrong. So if I were you, I’d just stick to online communications. It’s safer for all.
And by the way, if the seller wanted face to face correspondence he or she would tell you where they can be located.


Really Mr Hallmark,

With a name like that, you certainly appear to be the Amazon arm of the rather large greeting card company. And to me this question certainly looks more like: “how can I find a seller who is violating policies”.

This is a problem for many. And of course a sneaky seller who has managed to stay in business knows many tricks. The fundamental way to locate a seller who wants to hide is to buy an item and see where it comes from. Of course this will be a shipping service which yields no information. After that I have a bevy of other ways.

I have helped several big manufacturers and it is not so easy to find these guys. It takes time and money.


Seller could work from his or her home (labels, inventory updates, packing slips) BUT have his or her ACTUAL inventory in several storage units. The fact that you drive up to a seller’s house and see just a house doesn’t necessarily mean that they are just drop-shipping. This is my business module. I have several storage units full of merchandise, but I do all of my online/computer work at home. I may need to drop-ship once or twice every couple weeks out of hundreds of orders.


For the same reason why you want to find out their address

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