How to file claim on UPS shipping purchased through Amazon


I recently sold a $200 item and shipped it via UPS. The label was purchased through Amazon’s account and I purchased additional insurance on this product since it had a higher value.

The package was damaged in shipping and I’m trying to get reimbursed. My first contact was with UPS and they said that I cannot file a claim since I am not the shipper.

I then contacted Amazon to seek reimbursement. Amazon tells me that I must file the claim with UPS since they damaged it in transit. I’ve been going in circles ever since.

Who’s correct here? And why is insurance available for purchase through Amazon’s account if no one is willing to stand good for it?


Go to the UPS website and file the claim.


To file a claim with UPS, FedEx, etc. you need to be a registered user for their site. Just register and you can then file the claim.

On a side note unless you are really low volume these carriers can offer discounted rates also. Amazon’s rates are normally just posted rates for each carrier, with no discount.


Never mind. I misread the post.

Did you link to the UPS Claims page via Amazon Help? This might turn out differently–not sure.

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I have a UPS account, but I am unable to file a claim via the website or by phone. If I attempt to file a claim online, the UPS website says that the package is ineligible. UPS customer service says this is because I am not the shipper of this package.

UPS always says the same thing: Amazon must file the claim since the label was purchased through Amazon’s account.


According to the help page you need to call UPS.

However, I have been in this loop before with Fedex. I had to keep escalating with amazon to get them to refund me after they got the refund from Fedex. Its a pain in the butt and takes awhile to get anyone at Amazon to understand and then awhile to get them to do anything. On one refund request call they actually conferenced in Fedex.

I assume its a similar process with UPS but I’ve never had this exact problem with UPS. I actually link my UPS account to Amazon.


As Crackhead suggests, you should have your UPS account linked to your Amazon store. You can do this when attempting to purchase shipping on a package. The following help page will provide details on how to do this:

  • [Manage Your Carrier Accounts|]
    Since doing this, UPS and FedEx see these labels with us as the purchaser, even though we did the label through Amazon. This way we do not run into the issue your experiencing. Since you have a UPS account and there is no pricing difference between Amazon and UPS there is no reason not to link them together.

Follow the link Crackhead gave you and escalate with UPS if needed to get your claim created. If the claim is found in your favor, they will refund Amazon and you will then need to work and escalate with Amazon to get that refund credited back to your account.

In the meantime, link your UPS account to Amazon so you can not have this headache going forward.

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