How to download my inventory file


Hi Everyone,
I have been selling on Amazon as professional seller and have about 40 products listed on Amazon.
Now since I got few new design of furniture, I want to add these products.
Rather than listing one product at a time I want to upload file with new products in it.
I am having hard time as to where can I go and download my existing products inventory file (which will be my templet) to add new products.


You will need to use an Amazon template file to upload your new products.

You can find them by going here:
Add Products via Upload

There is a tab on the left “Download an Inventory File”. Go to that tab and choose the category you are listing in. Or there’s a spot to click to see all template files.

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You can access Inventory File Templates in our help pages: [Inventory File Templates|]

As previously mentioned, there will be a table on that help page so you can choose the template designed for the category you’re listing in.

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He is asking how to “download an EXISTING inventory file” not a blank template!!
I would also like to know.


Here is the SECRET way to download your inventory to create a flat file from inventory you input through the website…

email customer service, or use the chat, and ask them to ungate/enable ‘category listing report’. Nothing else, don’t get in a discussion about anything else - just say 'I need my account ungated/enabled for ‘category listing reports’.

The initial CS rep will need to transfer this to someone else…it will take a couple days, and you will get an email that grants you 90 day access to this report…

then it will be under
“Download Inventory File/Inventory Reports” > Select report type > Category Listings Report"

Don’t say franky don’t help the masses…i’d say sticky this because it’s IMPOSSIBLE to figure out.


I am moving from an old account to a new account and THAT explains why I can’t find that report in the new account. UGH! Thanks!

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