How to defend A to Z unfair claims?


As we know Amazon automatically send messages to customer stating that the item may be lost without checking the tracking number information.

We just have 15 cases where Amazon did this and customer open A to Z claims without contacting us or giving us the chance to resolve any problem. In all 15 cases, tracking number were updated and showing package delivered or to be deliver next day or two.

When I have place an order, as a buyer and encounter any problem, I have tried to open a A to Z claim and Amazon never let me open it before contacting the seller and waiting up to 48 hours for their response.

Can anyone with experience how can I appeal this 15 cases with Amazon and explain in detail how should we proceed ?

Thank you


were the tracking numbers wrong at some point or uploaded late?
did the items arrive during the expected delivery window?
did you use amazon’s “buy shipping”?


It appears that you are entering invalid tracking numbers and delivering late.

If you do not use Amazon’s Buy Shipping or get a signature at delivery, you will lose every single A2Z claim for INR (Item Not Received).


Hi JwsMarket, thank you for your response but I always use Amazon’s Buy Shipping service, also all the tracking show valid with correct information: (of the 15 cases, 9 show already delivered, 3 Out for deliver Today, and 3 to be deliver tomorrow). These shipments went first class mail because weight less than 1Lb and the average price it’s $25

I read that this on Amazon A to Z claims page:

"Buyer eligibility criteria for filing a claim:

  • Buyer has waited until [EDD] +3 days and first contacted you through [Buyer-Seller Messages].
  • You and the buyer do not resolve the issue within 48 hours of the buyer’s first message."

I never receive any msg from any of the buyer and I even didn’t get any msg from Amazon saying that a customer open an A to Z Claim as It usually happen


Amazon does not enforce the contacting the seller portion.

You used Amazon’s Buy Shipping. As long as the tracking proves that you shipped on time, you should have been covered.

We would appeal with the following template.


Thank so much we will use your template


Hello @ISHOP305,

Desi from Amazon here to assist.

I understand that you have received several a-z claims are seeking assistance with appealing them.

Are you stating that each and every order was received by your buyers within the expected delivery date and they still all filed claims? You stated that there are 3 orders that have still not been delivered, has the expected delivery window closed for those orders?

But as suggested by a community member, you may appeal with th below format.

Please let us know if you have any other questions. We are looking forward to assisting you.