How to contact Seller Support or Amazon's LTL shipping service for a LTL shipment with picked up but not delivered (checked in)


My LTL shipment to FBA warehouse was picked up by “Amazon’s new LTL Shipping Service” more than a month. (I believe it’s Amazon’s own shipping service, I wish it’s Amazon Partner Carrier now, like UPS freight service), and Amazon Fulfillment Center has not been received the shipment yet.

I couldn’t find a way to contact Amazon’s LTL Shipping Service since they did not provide any way to contact them, and I couldn’t Reconcile the shipment from Seller Central since the shipment has not been delivered / checked in to Fulfillment Center due to the reason state on Seller Central “The date that your shipment becomes eligible for investigation will be shown after all your boxes have been checked in.”.

I am stuck to locate my shipment, since Amazon removed all the seller support’s contact instead of providing Yes and No question for seller support, I am not able to reach a proper person to look into the issue, any suggestion?


What does your BOL look like? Who does it show has the pallet and provided the pro #? I was not aware of amazon sending their own trucks, I thought they still subbed out, we had serious issues with this in the past when they would you no name companies set up through logistics. We lost a few pallets or it would take a month to get to NC from FL so we got set up with UPS freight and use the dimensional charge instead of the class system and the rates have been great.


On BOL, Carrier Name: Amazon, and SCAC: AMZX, without Pro #, it’s Amazon. I am not surprised they have their own fleet of trucks. They also offer 3PL warehouse service, and the shipping service like UPS and Fedex that they come to your warehouse to pick your parcels and deliver to your parcels. If it’s UPS Freight comes to pick up, UPS will notice me their contact number. For Amazon truck comes to pick up, they left no contact. My shipment was picked from CA, and deliver-to CA’s fulfillment center, does it need to take a month to deliver it? UPS freight with dimensional charge seems a good option, what is the number that I can contact the UPS to sign up this plan?


I believe for Amazon ltl you just open a case. It is worth a shot.


We got in touch with our local UPS ground rep and asked him about having a freight rep come out. We then told them our items are too diverse for the class stuff and he set us up with the dimensional charge. very simple to use, and no worry about the reclassing it and placing a higher fee


My shipping manager just corrected me. It is called Density Based Handling. the BOL will say Density Tariff Only.


@ARKSCAN_LLC Hi. Can you please tell me where was the FC your shipment was being delivered to? What happened to it, did it finally get delivered?
My LTL BOL also says Amazon and they are supposed to pick it up on Monday. The CFS warehouse is giving me some trouble though and saying the BOL doesn’t have enough info to allow them to hand over the palets :frowning: . Really worried that Im going to lose my 10 pallets.


I’m currently in the same boat as you. On my previous orders Amazon would use REDDAWAY to pick up my pallets and deliver to the Fulfillment Center. Usually it would take a week and a half to 2 Weeks to start being received. As of tomorrow I will be going on 3 Weeks since the AMAZON Truck picked up my pallets and they still show “In-Transit” I’m being told this is a busy time of the year, everyone is stocking up for the Holidays. But I think I’m losing sells because my stock is showing low and longer turn times for delivery through FBA. It’s pretty frustrating because the Seller Central doesn’t show any updates and I can’t “reconcile” or follow up until tomorrow according to the system. Fingers crossed that nothing has been lost.


Just update, i opened a RECONCILE request when the time became available. And approx. 24hrs later my shipment showed up.


Can you guys share some light on this program?
I have the program in my tabs but i cannot manage to make it work.
do i need to enroll anywhere?

I made a shipping plan and from what the program says…after making a shipping plan you have an option to choose shipping with this program.
I do not see any option like that.

is this program cheaper than shipping with a carrier from china?