How to check if order has multiple shipping speeds for individual items? API seems to only have shipping speed at the order level not the item level


I’m only seeing shipping speed information in the getOrders API.


It this for an FBA or MFN order?


MFN order


You should have this information yourself since you would have provided the tracking information to Amazon in the first place.


I’m talking about the shipping speed of the order and items, e.g. standard, expedited. I’m only seeing these reported at the order level, and not the item level.


The shipping speed selected applies for all items on the order. If I’m not mistaken you can’t have different shipping speed for different items in the same order.


If a customer selects different shipping speeds for different items it will split them up into different orders at checkout? I’m a little concerned about if the customer is able to select different shipping speeds for items at checkout because some items may have faster options available, and if they all get combined into the same order the API doesn’t give item-specific shipping speeds.


Have you tried to see if Amazon even allows for multiple shipping speeds on the same order? From what I’ve experienced I don’t believe that option is available.




Does that include different shipping speeds that have the same delivery date?