How to change the shipping/delivery time


I looked at the shipping options and set it to default to 4 - 8 days, I was thinking of allowing more time for orders to arrive with the Virus issues. How do I set a later delivery time and us it advisable? I do see competitors running a later delivery time. Thank you


Why do you need the longer time. Have you checked to see how fast your orders are getting to wherever they are going? I ship within 24 hours of an order and haven’t had any trouble and as of last weekend things I shipped on Friday and Saturday in PA arrived at their destination on the West coast and were delivered on Monday.

The quicker you can get people’s stuff to them the better, not being slower.


Just wanted to understand how should delivery times be delayed with the couriers, a lot of people times to deliver seem longer. I have no intention of changing just yet.


Standard shipping shows a max of 4-8 days. Economy can go longer.

We have not seen longer than normal delivery times yet. UPS/FedEx have removed guarantees just like they do during the holiday season.