How to can get Name and full shipping address with phone over API?


With the GetOrder API for a specific Order ID done according to documentation
We are getting only City, PostalCode, StateOrRegion and CountryCode.

We didn’t get the BuyerName, AddressLine1,AddressLine2 , AddressLine3, no Phone
I need this information in order to ship the item to the customer.

Can you mention how we can get it (Name and full shipping address with phone) over API?


You need to have PII enabled for your account. Which is difficult to get these days and you need to ask support.


can you elaborate more on What is PII ? and what is the right way to request it?


Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

The Developer FAQ has more information about changing the level of your MWS access. Due to the amount of abuse of this info it is very difficult now to get this access.


This is blizzar as i can see this information on the orders page anyway
what is the point of hiding it in API
But how on earth I can automate creation of dozens shipping labels a day?
How I suppose to sell more if i have someone manually open order details page in browser and copy paste each address field from it to our shipping tool?
How other volume sellers do it?


The point of removing PII from the API is to make it more difficult to automate the collection of it.

If your orders are domestic, you can use Amazon’s seller central shipping to automate some of it, and do up to a hundred at a time.

Note that the ability to see PII is an attribute of the MWS account, not the sellers account. This means that the big shipping software providers that have gone through the approval process will still have access, and still work.