How to avoid overselling products when selling on multiple channels


Does anyone have experience with software that syncs inventory from multiple selling platforms?

Basically don’t want to OVERSELL products that are listed on multiple channels.

I don’t need the program for anything else. So it doesn’t need to be an expensive program that includes repricing, shipping management etc.


Some are better than others, but if you have truly high volume products all will eventually screw up. You can protect by having some level of safety stock.


There is a lot of multichannel software, but it is humongously expensive, so if you have limited inventory on only a few channels, it would not be cost effective.

Since it is so critical you do NOT cancel orders on Amazon, either segregate the inventory you sell on Amazon or underlist it on Amazon. Tat’s the only way to be safe.

I’ve messed up with stuff on only two sites before, so it’s easy to do. I never had to cancel an Amazon order; it was stuff that didn’t sell quickly and I didn’t restock and forgot it was listed on the other site, so I cancelled from there.


I always under list our inventory.
Still, some inventory oversold. Duh. Its inevitable.

Thought there might be a better streamlined process of doing it.
But based on yours and Lakes answer, seems like doing it the manual way is best.

Regarding cancelling an order:
I prefer ordering from another seller/channel and upgrading shipping than cancelling an order.


There is some really good multichannel software. But they take a percentage of your profit and fees are off the charts - one has a minimum of around $1,000 a month in FEES! So when I mess around with another site, I just segregate my inventory.

Or if you have your own site, you can use MCF and sell from your FBA inventory. I’ve done that a few times if I oversold what I had hanging around my office.

Using FBA ensures you will never ever ever have to cancel an Amazon order. Downside is it’s no good for longtails or any products much under $15 unless you were out for a walk one day and found a carton full of brand new stuff that fell off the back of a truck!

(or if you bought one of those lock picker sets someone was trying to find a way to sell in a thread here yesterday and did a bit of burgularing!!) ]:slight_smile:


Ha! Didn’t see the one about the lock picker set :slight_smile:

We’ve also used our FBA inventory to fulfill orders whenever possible.
But sometimes we’re already sold out FBA and need to resort to another solution.

The overselling usually happens to the few pieces we have left over in our warehouse that didn’t make it in our FBA shipments. Sometimes they sell on other channels and I forget to remove it from Amazon or we misplace them. Sigh.

I slightly disagree (!) with your FBA statement. FBA can work and is worth it for products under $15 if you sell a lot of volume. Even if the products weren’t free.


Oh! One more question.

You mentioned you never had to cancel an Amazon order before.
The only time I’ve had to cancel was when the shipping address was deemed ‘undeliverable’ by the shipping carrier. I contacted the customers and asked for a shipping address update but they don’t answer all the time.

What do you do with orders that are ‘undeliverable’?


Ship with sc

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