How to add widget


Does anyone know how to add a widget to the home page? Is there a function I’m overlooking? Thanks.


Have you removed/collapsed/moved any widgets from the Home page? If yes, then you can use the Reset button at the bottom to add those back (and then keep what you want).


Otherwise, I don’t have any idea. Is there a specific widget that you would like? :thinking:


A to Z widget


That widget was removed by Amazon.
You do NOT have the ability to add that widget.


Please I need help as well I’ve noticed widgets missing and today I see my “Forum” widget is missing. Hitting “reset to factory specs” does not bring them back. Any ideas?


@Bluestone_ltd You missed the announcement. But supposedly it is on the way back.


It is back on the homepage. Susan


Just needed one more refresh. Thank you Susan.


Hi did you found solution how to bring widgets back? I lost them all and reset button doesn’t work as well?


@Before_After1 What widget are you trying to get back? Amazon has removed most everything that was useful from Seller Central.

You may find the Seller app on your phone is more useful now than the web browser of Seller Central.

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