How to access to regional inventory file templates


We are a developer that offers a listing tool for merchants. We’d like to add inventory file templates and categories more countries outside of Europe and North America (like India and Brazil).

Is there an easier way to get access to those country’s templates and categories other than making a seller account? I’ve tried asking Seller support and MWS support, but haven’t had luck getting clear answers.

Thanks ahead of time :slight_smile:


For non-category specific templates, we found we can access files for different localizations by changing the two letter country code in the URL. For example:
replacing uk with in

But we are still struggling with getting the full list of category specific files for each marketplace localization. Anyone solve this without opening seller accounts in each localization?


I don’t believe there is a solve if the country code change doesn’t work. These aren’t something Amazon really wants just floating around. Even though it’s easy to get them if you sell in the marketplace