How to access eBay FedEx discounts outside of eBay?


I just sold an item that I underpriced (4 lbs and transcontinental) … so I’m not very happy (not a very good day for me today) but I’m trying to do damage control…

My ground discount with my personal FedEx account is 5% for packages under 5 lbs, but when I utilized the FedEx eBay tool, eBay gave me a 12% discount. (My FedEx Express discounts are still greater than what eBay gives me)

How can I link up to my eBay discount from


I’m almost certain you can’t … and why would they? The idea is to sell there to get the discount.

I have the bay also but I don’t see a way to do it.

But I could be wrong …


If you ship a good bit call FedEx and ask to speak with the account rep for your area. You can get better rates than that. I think their minimum annual spending to have an account rep is $10,000, or about $200 a week.



I don’t ship anywhere near that kind of volume. My shipping expenditures (including outside of amazon and the bay) was less than 2k last year. My personal account is based on an association/advantage program discount, which is great for Express and heavy ground (5+ lb) packages.

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There used to be an Amazon FEDEX discount program, maybe there still is


If you use PayPal to generate the shipping label, won’t that tie in to e-bay discounts on shipping?

Maybe that’s a dumb question…



PayPal only offers UPS and USPS. This was an order from the bay (“eBay”) … the eBay discount is pretty generous … up to 23% off ground and 37% off Express. I haven’t been able to figure out why the “Print a shipping label” option on eBay allows me to print only USPS and FedEx labels … different from the PayPal shipping program.

The Amazon FedEx discount was terrible.

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It disappeared from the site. I still have the discount, but the access codes you need to input to Fedex to link your account to the Amazon program are gone so I guess they are taking no new clients. I guess they phased it out.


It’s way better than the off-the-street rate that I was paying. It is roughly the same as their UPS discount when you buy shipping through Amazon.

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