How’s everyones holiday sales coming along?


my first year entirely disappointing so far Amazon haqs 2/3 of my shipment inactive for no reason no amounts available to sell and they have received the stuff in June and July but where is it. I have decided to go back to school since stuck home to advance my degree on the government grants I qualified for since mine was from 40 years ago even though been working in retail all this time things are so different now than then so I will learn and grow hopefully with my own website since this stinks


give the entire update,
This is just old books,Blessings

Sales Summary
Last updated 12/8/18 12:54:24 PM PST
Ordered product sales Units
Today $111.14 8
7 Days $656.32 46
15 Days $1,473.04 101
30 Days $2,617.57 163
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Just this account:


You made me smile. Good for you. Merry Christmas!


They continue to be extremely slow, down at least 1/3 from last year, and even more from previous years.
For such a (supposedly) booming economy I’d expect to see an improvement, not this.
I’m wondering if people are changing their buying habits, or if there’s just a lot more fish in the sea trying to catch the same minnows.


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I was have never looked at the .it site until now. Its is real interesting how the sellers over their are un-cloaked. Noticed one seller in the USA that had address displayed and some permit number shown.

That is how it should be in the USA, it would stop a ton of crap.

Great sales numbers, keep up the good work.


That answers Why…


Rock on…


Down 50% from last year… sad since internet sales are doing record numbers.


This Girl Rocks… She gives so much advice and the fruits show… Happy Holidays


down 50% from last year… pretty sad since internet sales are doing record number is sales.


Sellers on Amazon Europe have their private information displayed on the storefront page because of a law.

It is so annoying. Anyone can see my name, address or phone number :woman_facepalming:


I Suspect AZ Finally Found Wisdom to give me the Buy Box?..Or, What I used to Call “The Sprinkler”

Books are Selling Well …I might Sell 3 per day Now…Much Better than This Fall’s 3 per week…

Of Course it Wont Last…The Buy Box Comes and Goes…

Just When I Plan to Go To My Other GiG… ~Sales Improve.

Its Like The Stock Market…The Algos Can Read Your Mind! :anguished:


Yes, understand your point.

In the USA the fraud and other BS that is going on is out of control and the government here really needs to step up and have sellers un-cloaked IF they are acting as a business and selling in the “NEW” condition.

Amazon posted our phone number on here, not sure why they did that.




Please do tell me what you’re selling, I’m clearly in the wrong area! :slight_smile:


So at an absurdly fast rate of 1 minute per order…

It’d take you 41 hours to ship everything… from “Today.”


Lol ok. Blessings.