How One Can Know Shipping Weight of His Product?


I am new to Amazon FBA Private labeling. I have my product almost ready.

  1. While trying to list my product I found under “More Detail” the shipping weight. I know my product’s weight. I do not know weight when it’s packed and ready to get shipped by Amazon. How can I know the shipping weight?
  2. Also how can I know the dimension of the package (with product inside) that will be sent to customer? I do not handle order.
  3. Pick & Pack and Weight handling fees are related to product dimension. Now is it Products dimension or Dimension after packaging by Amazon?

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“Shipping weight” isn’t the weight of the shipment to Amazon, it’s the weight of one item in it’s packaging sitting on an Amazon shelf. Basically it is your item’s gross weight rather than it’s net weight.

The dimensions of the package are not of the package Amazon sends to the customer, it is the dimensions of your item in it’s product box.

Do not worry about what size box Amazon sends to the customer - that is what we pay them for.


I have over 10,000 items in my inventory, and I have never filled out that any of that information.

It doesn’t matter, for now, because Amazon is going to take the weight and dimensions of your product when it gets to FBA.

If you’re not happy with their findings, you can take up the issue with them at the time.



Thanks for replying. But please see.

There is One “Item Weight” and Another “Shipping weight”. Now, say my item weights 1 Kg; that means Item Weight = 1 KG. Now what amount to enter in “Shipping Weight”

Same related question I know my product’s “Item Dimension”. And Now what is “Package Dimension”?



Ok. Thank you a lot.


If there is no other packaging both your item weight and shipping weight would be 1 Kg.
> Same related question I know my product’s “Item Dimension”. And Now what is “Package Dimension”?
> Thanks.
Using my example, “Item weight” would be 10 lbs., and “Shipping weight” would be 11 lbs.

For dimensions, a 10" action figure shipped in a box that is 12" high would have a 10" Item height and a 12" package height.

You’re making this too complicated.


What you actually need to be worried about is what FBA thinks is the weight and what the actual weight is. We constantly have other sellers changing the weight in their uploads and all of a sudden we are charged double and triple for weight charges.

Some items we have had to stop selling as we cannot get FBA or catalogue to lock the weight.

What gets me… they want proof… my answer is… check it yourself, not only is it in inventory, Amazon is selling it as well.

You also need to take into account rounding.


You’re welcome.

You’ve gotten some good advice.

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I have three items that many years in the past the shipping weight was under 1 lb. Now FBA is telling me that the cubiscan measured the shipping weight to be 1.2lbs. Wow, when we ship from seller, our shipping weight is 10 ounces. In the meantime, the items I am talking about were items we sold with no competition. Amazon then sends us a recommendation to sell via FBA, somehow after this was done, jumped in to compete and undersell us. Now with the increased FBA fees, Amazon has made it difficult for me or others to compete. Now they have the buy box everytime, since in order to compete we would have to be happy with a 40 cent profit.


You’re fighting a never ending battle to correct the weight of your product.

Next time you have one on hand, take a snapshot of it on a scale and tuck it away so you can use it open cases with Seller Support. Ask them to correct the items weight, and reimburse you for any overcharges. It’s faster than waiting on a “cubiscan.”

$.40 on a item isn’t bad, if you sell thousands of them.

I know how tough it is competing against Amazon. They compete with us on most of our major brands; which is why our business model is constantly changing. You have to be able to wait them out, or find some “niche” products in your category.

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What I have noticed is that for the product weight they come up with 8 ounces which is correct, but why do they charge 1.2lbs for the shipping weight. When we ship from seller the shipping weight is 10 ounces. I have asked them numerous time how they come up with this high shipping weight. I will engage in a never ending battle. Soon I will try what you recommended as I think the cubiscan is rigged.


I guess I’d suggest they stop using +cast iron boxes+.

Joking, that would only make things worse.

At some point, I decided to only take on those standard sized items I’m paying oversized charges for. The rest are tax deductible, and will be written off on our Income Tax Return.

I already spent 1/2 my day working on these types of Amazon issues.



It is a mohdder head ache and thus why I would not encourage anyone to sell on amazon.


This is where people come to buy my products. Our business has grown by 950% since joining the FBA program.

Where else am I to go?


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