How on earth do you can contact anybody about your money if your account is suspended. If will not allow you to speak with any one


how do you get your money if your account is suspended? However the rep tells you contact seller central. But the only way to speak with someone in seller central you have to be active. Im being getting around almost 7mths. Nothing has change


Do you know why your account was suspended?

Certain suspensions Amazon will not release your money at all


you don’t, until your account is no longer suspended.


Are you serious? They will keep your money.


Yes, as you agreed


I really do not know. I use Amazon product(vendors) to sell the products. Which each day i kept complaining to Amazon about them. They kept giving me this sing along dance "don’t worry " , “we will take care of you” yes they did. Suspended & took my money. So the items I was selling that I paid for I can never get back.


Are you buying your product from Amazon?

Yes, you agreed to it.