How Many Different Threads Do We Need on the Pesticide Email


There are too many already. And many have vague titles

Urgent Health Warning to Amazon Booksellers - Diet, Self-Help & Inspirational Books Contain Pesticides
Amazon Services Pesticide email
Pesticides again?
Why I have to provide license of Pesticides and Pesticide Devices for the manicure set
Pesticide regulations
(Pesticide training fiasco ) Unable to edit any of my listings now because of this new Policy

Please post on an existing thread

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Here are a few to choose from:


You did what I was just in the process of doing.

Thank you, @Lake and @bookwormapril. :snail:

For what it’s worth, I read the information, answered the questions and believe it or not, even though it does not apply to me, I learned a few things, I was unaware of, prior to reading the Pesticide Seller eLearning Course.


Thanks for starting another one…


Could be a good suggestion for the Forum.
Give someone the ability to combine all threads into one thread that are about the same thing when posted within say 3 days of each other.


probably a few more, so Amazon realizes the robots are taking over :wink:


It could be, and I and the other “leaders” might have the capability already, but I doubt if any of us will shoulder the responsibility and spend the time required. And someone would probably complain about the “mini-mods” interfering with their free speech.


Yeah, it’s really starting to “bug” me.



This thread has been pinned for only one day.


I don’t know how you find the time now to do what you do here.

And it’s not just doing something, it’s the time required to check to see if something needs to be done, right?


It seems like forum regulars are the biggest culprits in creating the new threads on the same topic like its a popularity competition or something. I answered the first bot thread this morning (*) and then noticed more similar threads later.

Forum regulars should have the courtesy to respond to the first original thread topic before creating another thread on the same topic.

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Often previous threads aren’t obvious or the forums doesn’t notify posters they way it is suppose to

… but overall yeah, sometimes it just comes down to taking the time to search the topic first.


We do … but I would never do it either.


Sorry, I just posted one in my ignorance!


Since you pinned this, even more have popped up (not because you pinned this, to be clear). :woman_facepalming:

Perhaps all affected are just panicking-and-posting? Or are affected posters just so creative with click-bait thread titles that a “quick glance” doesn’t help for anyone looking for relevant threads? :smirk:


Is there a pesticide available for too many forum threads?



One or Two More I suppose…?


Now we have another :wink: