How long to answer buyer message


I just received a buyer message and next to the message it says DUE in 24 HOURS. Do I only have 24 hours to respond to a buyer message? What happens if I answer after the 24 hours has elapsed? (does this have an effect on my metrics?)

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Yes you have 24 hours, however if you see a customers question, why would you want to wait?? A good rule of thumb would be to answer asap, then you don’t have to worry about being suspended when you go over the 10% allowed.
Again, why would you want to wait, see a question, answer the question. Pretty simple.


You do have 24 hours to answer a customers message.
If you do not answer within this time (including weekends and holidays) you will get a late response mark to your metrics.
Enough of these will get you suspended. (over 10% late responses)


You might need to pull the product to answer some question about it, for example.


I’m glad to see Amazon putting bits of policy in contact since it seems most sellers never read the policies, (not to mention they change all the time!).

There is a detailed explanation of metrics and targets in the Help files, and yes, if you have a late response, it counts on metrics and after a certain point, it is a suspendable offense.

You are responsible for answering 24/7. Best to not rely too much on notifications, since they are buggy. You should check the front page of Seller Central at least a couple times a day to check for notifications, buyer messages and of course, sales. If you’re not on the computer a lot get the phone app so you can keep up on messages no matter where you’re at.

Customers don’t even like waiting 24 hours. I keep a tab open for SC landing page and generally respond within the hour unless it’s a middle of the night message. That can be vital if customer is panicked about something. If they don’t hear back quickly sometimes they’ll call Customer Support and the CScritter will open an AZ.

Best to respond using the messaging system rather than from the notification email.


You don’t need to answer their question, you just need to respond with something. I get questions all of the time like “will this work with my 1600g Dewalt table saw?” I usually have no idea so I tell them that it fits any saw with a 3/4"by3/8" miter slot, and let them figure it out.

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Answer the question as best you can in as fast as you can.

Buyer reply of thank you can be done as no response needed.


Why would you want to wait is the question? If you are selling a product you should have some kind of knowledge of what you are selling and there should not be a reason that you did not respond. It costs the manager of my Amazon store his bonus for the month if there is 1 goes over a 24 hour response. The rule is if he is going to be tied up for a reason he can tell me and I will take care of them. If you are a serious seller on any internet channel message are a critical part of the business. Think about it this way, would you like to walk into a store and have to wait 24 hours while they decided to answer a question?


> You do have 24 hours to answer a customers message.
> If you do not answer within this time (including weekends and holidays) you will get a late response mark to your metrics.
> Enough of these will get you suspended. (over 10% late responses)

If over 10% late responses was all it took to get suspended then these ‘Just Launched’ Scam Sellers that never respond to messages would only last a week (unless, of course, they were monitoring their messages and hitting ‘no reply needed’ on every one).

I don’t know where this rumor started, but you will not get suspended if you simply have over 10% late responses for a while. What will happen is that you will stop winning the BuyBox. At some point you will then get a policy warning, telling you to pay closer attention to your response time.

That being said, you should respond to customer inquiries as quickly as possible. In addition to being common sense good customer service it will help you win more sales and avoid more AtoZ claims.


Think it terms that you are the buyer–you’re waiting for an answer or inquiry of a product and if the seller doesn’t answer right away, you don’t have the time, patience, etc and go on to the next seller. I literally try to answer within an hour if possible unless it’s midnight EST (where I live) and someone from California writes. But my messages and orders are the first thing I check in the morning and I’ll answer then.


You’re still able to answer after 24 hours. But be aware, many buyers are aware of this 24 hour policy. I’ve had an order placed at 1 a.m. and by the time I woke up at 7 a.m. there were four, literally four, emails from the buyer asking where is my stuff? Why haven’t you responded? Of course, these are rare. Often, a “we are out of the office for the weekend, but will check for you first thing Monday morning” reply will be enough for the customer. As long as you remember to follow up.

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