How long it takes Seller Performance Team to respond to my appeal letter


Hello all,

My account got suspended on 3/15 due to violating of selling policies “misuse of feedback, review, and ratings” “misuse of sale ranks” and “misuse of browse and search.” After spending few days to investigate, I realized it came from my feedback genius email to customers. Then I sent appeal letter to Amazon on 3/20. After I submitted the appeal letter, it said I could expect respond on 3/21. But I haven’t received any respond from Amazon since I submitted the appeal letter. I have created a case to follow up with my appeal letter and still no answer. Do you know how long it takes amazon to respond to my appeal letter?

Thank you.


Amazon never responds in one day.

If your plan of action is obviously inadequate, you are likely to get a quick response.

If it is marginal up to 30 days.


It is EVERYWHERE to see that the performance team do not reply the appeal letter. You should 1.send again and again to performance team at the same time


Amazon has not updated their response template email in years. It is horribly outdated.

Seller Performance is known to take as long as 30 days to review appeals. While it is difficult to sit back and wait, with Amazon patience is a virtue. Follow up emails only slow the process as it moves your case to the back of the proverbial pile. Also, opening cases with Seller Support is useless as all they can do is provide feel-good responses as they have no actual contact with Seller Performance personnel except in the most extreme of circumstances. Allow Seller Performance to do their job.

Know that one reason it may take a while to hear back from SP is that when an appeal is reviewed, not only is the appeal looked at but the entire account in question.


Why are you trying to sabotage the OP?


Yeah, this is a good way to use up all your appeal chances with a bad appeal being emailed over and over.

Every time you email them, it’s considered to be another appeal. You only have a few tries before they stop responding all together.
If your appeal was really good, it would’ve had a chance to be auto accepted by bots. I’ve seen stories where people got instant replies saying the suspensions were lifted.

You should post your appeal here. Most likely it’s not a good appeal (they usually never are on first tries) and this way you can get help writing a new one so that if (when!) they deny it, you have a good one ready to send.

And about the “jeff” email. It should only be used as a last resort and ONLY for truly important issues. People email there all the time with dumb issues. Very soon it will become another useless email address because they are inundated with small issue emails.
People that email that address for unimportant stuff and without first trying every other option, mess it up for everyone else and themselves.

I wish people stopped posting this address.


I only sent appeal letter once. I did not send appeal letter to In performance notification, they gave me a small button to a submit the appeal letter. I did it that way.


This is a bad time of year to get suspended …

It happened last year and I have verified the same this year through both my clients and forum posts.

In march you may get normal responses but it is not unusual for many sellers to wait 3-4 weeks (even from jeff@'s office) for a response.

There are many things that go on behind the scenes this month (March) :

  • Vacations (Spring break and all)
  • Internal transfers/promotions
  • New hires

I recommend waiting until April and not pushing anything. Do you want to risk getting someone new … or someone with to many cases and just wants to clear some out ?

Your odds drop for reinstatement around this time … in my opinion.


I dont think your appeal would work. See what happens, of course, but in my opinion it’s not good.

The real reason is not that you used 3p service to send email, it’s what you chose to put in that email. So your plan of action to stop using 3p services to send email doesn’t address that. You say you will continue sending emails. So what really matters is that you know what not to say in those emails.

You say you will ask seller support before sending emails. First of all, you should never trust anything they tell you. They routinely give bad advice and sellers get suspended afterwards for using their advice. And you can’t say “they told me I can” as a defense. That doesn’t work.
2nd, you can’t go to Amazon for every aspect of your business. Saying something like "I have read all policies. I now know that "… and then explain exactly what you did, for example “I now know that we can’t offer incentives to buyers to leave feedback”

And last. You got suspended not just for review manipulation but also for misuse of rank and misuse of search. But you didn’t address any of that.

So, while it’s possible that you will get lucky and will get reinstated, I dont think you will. So maybe try to rewrite your POA just in case. Or wait and see what happens and go from there.


I have used the jeff@ email on several occasions over the years. In my personal experience, emailing the Executive Response Team while your case is active at another team yields no result, the case remains in the hands of that team.

It works best if the decision has been made and is not consistent with policy


Did you ever get this resolved? I also received the same exact account suspension email on the same day 3/15. We started using Feedback Genius back in October of last year. We only send out 1 email per order and do not provide any incentive for feedback in our email. Anyways, we sent in our appeal the following day, and have yet to hear anything back.



If you have no clue how Amazon works you don’t have to post and prove it!



Hi all,

After talking to seller support. I found out that my account got suspended not because of the feedback request email. They said I’m allowed to use 3rd party service to ask for customer feedback. They said my initial appeal is invalid so I need to come up with a better appeal letter. But still they don’t tell me why account got suspended or what exactly amazon is looking for in my appeal letter. I’m very confused now. Any suggestion for my next appeal is greatly appreciated.

Thanks all


What do you mean you dont know why you got suspended. The suspension letter tells you why.

Misuse of rank, search and browse, feedback…

What did you do? Can you post the feedback request emails you sent to the customers?
And how did you manipulate rank and search and browse?

Once you explain, I will try to write your appeal

And yes, you’re allowed to use 3p service to ask for feedback (bad idea though), I’m pretty sure it’s the content of those emails that were the problem, like I told you before.

Not the fact that you used 3p service


Honestly, other than the feedback request email, I don’t know where did I go wrong. Until suspension, I only have 2 active listings, 1 RA and 1 wholesale. There are multiple sellers selling on those 2 listings, including Amazon, so there is no point to buy review for the listings nor running any campaign on the listings.

Below is my feedback request template:

Hello Mary, Thank you
again for your order of “Item name and link”. View Order on Amazon
(order link)
It was delivered a few days ago, so I hope that you’ve had a chance to open
up the package and make sure that everything is in order. Please let us know
(contact me link - for amazon account only) right away if
there is anything wrong so that we have an opportunity to correct it. You can
also simply reply to this email. If everything has gone smoothly, I’d really
appreciate it if you could take just a few seconds to leave feedback for HT
Management LLC. It really affects our ability to sell and be successful. One of the
things that makes Amazon such a great place to shop is the feedback system and
active participation by buyers like you. Leave feedback for HT Management LLC
(feedback link) Thank You, HT Management LLC

This is free template on feedback genius. Other than this, I don;t know what I did wrong.


Have you not been reading your own thread? You have already been warned about Seller Support.

Talking to Seller Support about your suspension is pointless, and as we see here, perhaps even dangerous.


I can’t see any violations. Maybe the part above but it would really be stretching it.

This is the only email template you’ve ever used?

And they seem to think you’ve done other stuff as well. I dont know what to tell you other than what I’m reading on the suspension letter


There is no proof that contacting seller support is dangerous to suspension case. In fact, they did give me some insight for my appeal. They don’t tell me why I got suspended, but they’re able to tell me status on my appeal letter whether Amazon accepts it or not. Even many appeal services out there still play guessing game when it comes to suspension.


Yes, that’s the only template I’ve ever used from feedback genius. In fact, I’ve been using that template since 6/2016, and now suddenly, it becomes an issue!?!?


It’s dangerous because they give out wrong info. Sellers think it’s coming from Amazon and it can be trusted so they use that info and then get suspended over it.

Yes, everyone is guessing. No one knows anything for sure when it comes to Amazon.