How long does it take for A-Z claims to be reviewed?


I posted this a few times in other threads but on December 2nd somebody ordered a $200 jump pack from me. It was delivered on December 10th. On May 16th he emailed me telling me it was damaged and on May 18th after I refused his return request and stopped answering emails he was able to open an A-Z claim

"Claim Reason: Item not as described
Delivery Estimate: Monday, December 8, 2014 - Thursday, December 11, 2014
Buyer Comments: Customer bought the item as a Christmas gift for his son but the item is damage / Customer did not realize that the item was damage because they had the change to use the product only a couple of days ago / Seller did not help the customer"

After that went down and I saw all the emails it turns out that in December Fed Ex had tried to deliver it to him and he refused it because the outer box was showing some damage. Here are the emails going back and forth:

Friday December 5th:
HIM “Hello, I did not accept the package due to packaging damage I still want the item… Please resend to the same address and forward tracking information.”
ME "Sorry to hear that! Fed Ex is usually so good too! Unfortunately it’s too late today to get a replacement out as there’s nobody left in the office to install the battery and take it to Fed Ex for me. We will take care of it Monday. Hope that is ok. Thanks "

Saturday December 6th:
HIM "I have contacted your shipper and requested that they re-deliver the order… This is not to be re ordered or re shipped. I will take as is No Worries and thanks for your kind attention "
ME “Ok. If there’s any issues when you get it just let me know. Thanks!”
HIM “Great … thanks for your prompt response”

The item never made it back to me and was delivered to him on December 10th, within the original delivery estimate etc. That’s literally the last email until May 17th when I get the Return request and several emails. I denied the return request and simply told him it was long past the date where it could be returned and also long past the date where a claim could be issues with the carrier.

Then he get to file a claim and it still sits. Obviously I am biased but doesn’t it seem pretty clear? Why is it taking 48 hours for them to review my defense of the claim? I also opened a case with Seller Support about the claim even being allowed to be opened.

Now I am worried that they’re taking so long because they’re actually considering allowing this! UGH!


Claim Status:
Under Review

I was expecting it to be reviewed and closed immediately. I had another A-Z claim that they reviewed and closed in my favor literally in a few hours. This one is just as, if not even more clear than the other one and it’s still under review.


It has been quite a while (knocking on wooden head) since I had an A - Z claim but I recall it did take a couple of days. I don’t think it is that they are puzzling over what to do so much as it is a back-log. With the outage last week I bet they are a bit overwhelmed with the effort of sorting out all of the problems that caused. My guess is that they will approve the claim but find you not at fault and pay it themselves. Of course, that is precisely why we get so many ridiculously out of policy return/refund requests.

The good news in all of this is that, while the claim will show up on your seller rating (they don’t use that against you for any reason, tho), you won’t take a metric hit because it is so far past even the long term ODR window which now runs from mid January.

I don’t mind that Amazon has a liberal return policy - it brings the customers to Amazon - but I sure wish they would pick a date for returns and just stick with it.


It depends on the reason.

This seems like a rather stupid case and needed a CSR to open it. They may be dragging it out so the customer thinks they are actually investigating it.

Check the status and see what it is, It may be awaiting customer response or something other than claim being investigated.


Greetings Atlantic Battery Systems,

I understand an A-to-z Claim was filed on an order placed in December of last year.

Buyers can first file a claim after the earlier of 3 calendar days after the maximum estimated delivery date or 30 days after the order date. They have until 90 days from the maximum estimated delivery date to file a claim.

However, Amazon reserves the right to accept claims after these timeframes if we find an investigation into the matter is warranted.

I have seen claims resolved in a couple hours; and some in 1-2 weeks.

Each situation is different, so it is not possible to provide a time-frame as to when the claim will be resolved.

You will be notified via e-mail of the outcome. I do hope the claim is resolved in your favor.


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