How long does brand approval take now?


I submitted an invoice on June 25th and a few more after that for other brands but I have gotten no response so far. Does anyone know what’s going on? It never used to take this long.


It all depends on how many are in front of you, 1500, 5000, and hoe many Amazon Reps are assigned to the process, 2, 3, 5. Th important thing is supplying the documentation that the brand really exists already, and you are not using Amazon to start a brand. :train2:


I know of one rep that currently has 17,000 approval requests




They only have five people doing this? That’s surprising to me.


Why are you surprised? Many, many of those approvals are for new private labeled Alibaba products already offered under another name on the site.

Hard to believe they represent any increase in Amazon revenue and profit, just a reallocation of sales among sellers.